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  1. What would they be? What is the godliest of godly single piece of jewelry for your particular template? ~Gaspar LeMarc
  2. See I used the katana's I crafted forever and then switched to ornate axes... with 131 stamina and 30% SSI, high damage increase, and stamina leech I'm hitting the DF in doom for 57 damage every 1.25 seconds. That was the test run. It didn't include anything else... no EoO or consecrate weapon, no spells, no specials, no honoring. If I utilize all that, I hit for 80-100 virtually each second. I'm quickly shifting my loyalties to the ornate axe as I made 3 drops in Doom in only 5 runs around the gauntlet. I love the katana but it's time to go two-handed, get some busido to go with that
  3. I've read about a lot of worried posts recently regarding being banned by EA for purchasing an item that is a dupe off of a vendor. They can't really do that, can they? I mean I understand if the item is randomly deleted. That would suck. But it's not the end of the game. I would hate to wake up one morning and not be able to log in because I was in possession of duplicated items which I purchased from player vendors without any possible way of knowing it was an illegal duplicate. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  4. Our guild name is "All That Glitters" [AU]. Join only if you are completely obsessed with treasure. Right now we are looking for folks to go exploring with, fish up untold riches with, dig up buried wooden chests with, and slay untold amounts of scary creatures in the hopes of receiving some sort of worthy loot to feed our lust for treasure with. Our mission is to plunder. We don't want to take over the world, we just want to acquire riches from every corner of the globe. So if you think that this is a guild for you, you should send me a PM and meet up with me in the game. I'll give
  5. Thanks for the wishes Merc. I'll definitely keep you posted and if you have a character that wants to join, just let me know. Guild name is "All That Glitters (AU)" and looks to be mainly all about PvM and hording treasure through whatever means available, haha. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  6. I'll set something up when I get home today and send you both a message with details so we can meet up in the game. We'll be able to arrange some fun little hunting trips I think. I've been meaning to go fight places I've never been, but some places are just too hard to solo. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  7. Hey I've been meaning to start my own guild... my characters do PvM almost exclusively, one being able to heal/rez and help out with Lady Mel runs a lot as well as fighting Miasma frequently, and another warrior I'm very near completing that hangs out almost exclusively in Doom. If you want to fight there, let me know, and I'll have Jack Sparrow meet up with you, haha. The house I have is still rather sparse. I'm in the process of constructing a large rune library as well as setting up a sort of museum with all the armor sets I've been trying to collect. I have two other crafter character
  8. I like that you gave the shadow dancer legs some love. From a usefulness standpoint, every thief needs these on their template. Period. I'm gonna push for the blade of insanity for any warrior training. That weapon alone in Doom took me from 80 to 120 in Swords and Tactics. It's fantastic for any amount of training and great to take to Doom if you're getting your skills up. It virtually insures 1000 hits in an hour or two against upper level boss/monsters which means your skills will fly up really fast. For usefulness in any midranger warrior template and for anyone working on trainin
  9. Yeah, swords is tough on account of nobody anywhere making swords weapons with runic hammers. Doesn't really get any love so I've found myself crafting my own weapons and hoping for the best. I see a lot of nice maces and krysses on vendors all the time. The Redeemer would be decent enough I think.... except that it can't be repaired or fortified (I'm pretty sure it's true) so that won't work. The Holy Sword might be your best bet at the moment but if you need a two handed weapon it's no good. That's how I've arrived at burning golden hammers on ornate axes and hoping for the best. If
  10. I've been playing around with my template trying to come up with something that can solo doom. I'm nearly positive that something is going to be done to nerf the ability to put on necro jewelry, vamp form, then take it off and still be in vamp form so I don't want to do it with jewelry... this is what I'm thinking. Swords 120 Tactics 120 Parry 120 Bushido 120 Anatomy 110 (+10 from my dread pirate hat) That leaves 110 points leftover with I currently have split between healing and chivalry. I want to know what to do with those 110 points to replace healing that will make it so I can solo
  11. I could definitely see the dragon slayer, although I am tempted to use mine to go try to get some barbed hides for my tailor.... problem is, as is the case with all the doom arty weapons, I have a nicer sword that is a dragon slayer with decent mods that only cost me 50K. I've used the Voice of the Fallen King on my dexer from the beginning, coupled with the bracelet of health. Those are in the top half for me. I think the Holy Knight's Breastplate is a resounding winner for worst doom artifact.
  12. Just thought this would be fun... mainly I'm bored. It's easy to say which one's are the best but the real question is which one is the worst of the worst? Divine Countenance? Serpent's Fang? Dryad Bow? Tunic of Fire? Tough call, really. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  13. I think you're going to be really pleased with the results.
  14. I've been keeping track of my drops in the last week and it's a 50/50 split between drops from the DF and drops from the other bosses. I find that I get a lot from the Abysmal Horrors in the 5th room. I'm not sure if it's just coincidence, but I do tend to do a lot more damage to them than the other bosses because of the weapon I use. One thing for sure, though, you can definitely get drops from other bosses. I have 4 from other bosses and 4 from DF's in the last week. Now if I could just stop getting taskmasters, I'll be good. Anybody know if they're turning off the turn-in at any poi
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