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  1. I'm sure people will happen upon this even though we're not as active over here as over there, so I'm going to bow out and wish you all the best. Every one of you I've met & known, played with through the years. I'm cancelling my accounts later this week, after I take care of some things and divide up my belongings..the ones Terrance won't be taking with him..among friends. It's been a good experience, a great life. I really have lived & loved this game. I cannot bring myself to continue on playing this Diablo/WoW frankenstein that's being forced upon every single player due to the wis
  2. Just as no matter how bad the game gets or how many absurd changes are forced upon it and its players, there will always be the righteous cheerleader.
  3. They're character names. Neat bunch actually. Watched them kill everyone on-screen as the "feminist liches" one night. Besides, don't dismount archers typically woofwoof away when attacked? At least we agree.
  4. eBay can go jump off a cliff. I'll simply go to the broker sites to buy gold or items, which I do since I refuse to make peerless bosses and gold farming my end-game. eBay has the worst way of treating their users, sellers and bidders alike. It's turning into little more than a fleamarket version of Amazon with moves like this.
  5. Really? I'm playing the wrong game? Since I find UO's 2D graphics to be the only graphics worth paying a monthly fee for compared to the cartoony/jagged polygon crap I see in everything else? A horse looks like a horse in 2D UO, a house a house. They're the best looking, most realistic versions of any MMO to date. Same goes for people, landscape...generally, everything. I guess I'm playing the wrong game? Oh wait, I'm sorry, I'm not hopping on the thweedee bandwagon. Let me slap my wrist a few times...
  6. Terrance

    PvP stats?

    I'd have no interest in seeing that garbage above everyone's character because all it does is lead to more "smacktalk" on the part of people who should be playing Quake anyways. If people want that as "in-game content & features" they should just play Test. I don't care how many times you've killed, been killed, what your DCI level is... Find me in Felucca, attack me and find out. Garbage like this is just added to give something to talk about to the people who think "Felucca" = a moongate and Baracoon.
  7. Any suit which consists mostly of pieces that spawn/come neon hued originally is gimp no matter what build/template/character type. It shows you're dependant on the marty/tarty/farty/sarty/warty junk and are playing just to "get the mushroom and power-up!!1uno". If you're holding a bokuto, you have no place in the game. If you spend as much or more time in Lunaland than in Felucca, you are gimp by default. If you woofwoof away from a fight, you are gimp. If you use mortal strike as the only means to kill another player, then you're not really gimp, you're just pathetic. If your "skil
  8. Last night I lost a haphazard duel to a neon Luna banksitter. Sammy helm, this marty, that marty... The character had 120 parry, 45% dci and bushbush. I was not hitting him. With 45% hci and 120 real weapon skill, I was not hitting this pigment-splattered clown in front of me while he "lol"ed away hitting me with mortal strike. What am I missing as far as _anything_ that affects chance to hit? Intelligence? Strength? Or am I just at the mercy of the 539 "don't hit me" bonuses in the game anymore?
  9. There is no diversity left in PvP anymore simply because of these crap additions. It's mostly people wearing the same marty crap with the same post-SE templates. You did play before SE, yes? Before AoS? Or are you simply commenting out of ignorance? By the way, there was no "original" mage template. Wrestling? Please...
  10. The technical reason is that, with the creation of AoS, there just too many "conflict systems" in the game. I remember Sunsword or Hanse commenting to that effect. Basically, there were factions, Order/Chaos, and guild warfare, and Order/Chaos got the boot to make life easier for everyone in (at the time) Austin. It's a shame too, because while factions is little more than a paintball game for the pee-vee-peers at this point, Order & Chaos could have been left with modifications to make it a system for those not wanting to play "modern" pee-vee-pee. They could have made NPC or non-runic
  11. You can't get fraps to work? I've been using it. Granted it consumes my system's resources but it should work fine when not in a PvP situation. Just curious though, what did you finally end up using?
  12. Huh? That's odd since the highpoint of roleplaying in this game was before the creation of Trammel. Also odd since the majority of the few roleplayers left tend to live and hunt in Felucca. I think you're confusing roleplaying with someone color coordinating their marty outfit to match their Royal Guard sash.
  13. Not to mention how the broke NPC escorts in two ways with the great new quest system.
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