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  1. you guys keep saying nystul's spellbook? i wasn't aware he had a named book out there. Are you meaning Clainin's spellbook? I think so...
  2. i have an 18x18 tram im going to be selling soon if you don't have any luck. icq me at 20727042
  3. just curious as to why you can't get in their and where the gate goes. hate to buy a transfer token to LA just to use my rune to get in there.
  4. I'm selling a full suit of the moonglow donation armor on pacific. The price for each piece if you were to buy it from the zoo is 12 mil each piece I believe. Donating animals for this stuff takes forever. I'm asking 30 mil, but partial trades will be considered. ICQ me at 20727042 with offers
  5. how do i go about getting a sub forum for my guild on uoforums? I'd be willing to help out with a donation, ICQ me @ 20727042
  6. Just letting you guys know that I have put a bag with the title "you were naughty this year" with a pile of coal, and two coal ingots in this weeks YGV auction, on Lake Superior, with no reserve. all you rares collectors be sure to be there! the coal in the bag, and the bag were Items from christmas 1997 to all the players with low notoriety. most of the coal itself has since been smelted into coal ingots, which are just a tad darker than the shadow iron, and then made into coal armor. You will be hard pressed to find the actual coal on any shard. A true collectors item.
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