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  1. Great interview with one of my 2 uo heroes, keep up the top work=)
  2. To me this is turning into a bit of a non-event. they appear in cove and in under an hour they are all dead and almost 24 hours later and still no reappearance
  3. Ok i got an answer. If there are vendors there holding cash it wont fall until a gm removes the vendor. However, all the stuff inside it also vanishes and ive had an assurance its nothing to do with duping or in dispute accounts thats just how it is and it may be fixed in the future but not for a long time yet as devs are busy with more pressing things. Thx to all who replied.
  4. It is reported that about 30 mins ago an idoc tower that was being camped on europa and full of goodies all of a sudden turned to 'like new' name was - awaiting demolition owner - OSI and all the goodies in it vanished. What is this? I am told it had two empty vendors in it. so it this why it all of a sudden changed?
  5. We were promised by ea that this ongoing problem would be answered around june 16th from memory but the problem is still there and is hurting most shards really badly. The longer the problems continue the richer the cheats are getting. EA deleted trillions but the market is now perhaps even more swimming with cash than before that. I have even seen many times people advertising stuff and duped stuff openly. Can we have a quote please about the future of these things because as principled as i am, if this is going to continue why should i not join in with the trade of these items as i am falli
  6. why would it just be one day? seems the thread is dying on the other forum so we let it die to? bit like nero fiddling while rome burned is one analogy.
  7. this is what he posted Hiya, well if you have ever read any of my posts you will already know that i like to throw ideas (some controversial, some bad) into the ring. Well here is another one. You are all probably aware of the banning of many accounts that were found holding huge checks etc and 15 trillion of money has now gone from the game and well done ea and they did it in just the right way. Well it got me thinking, we know we still have a dupe problem in uo and now the latest item appearing in huge ammounts are barbed kits. I was gonna post the normal thing i post ie 'c'mon ea sort it
  8. Ly-Las i read on that other forums site that you are off? well we never met in game but i do remember the legal advice i gave you and therefore heard some of your problems. I wish you all the best in your travels and maybe you should keep a little gold back just in case.
  9. I was at west britain bank on europa tonight and there were two guys having a whale of a time just singing etc, now in days gone by others would join in but i was the only guy to even laugh. In the past ive seen stuff like impromptu line dancing etc (i beleive line dancers should be shot on sight) but at least it was fun. Is it all about trading and money now? having read this im sure i am strange!
  10. Well Terrence, i reckon i have more, wanna meet and compare gold piles? none bought from ebay. Maybe you should read my post on the rares collectors forum.
  11. For true rares collectors. EA cannot control the duping of rares at the moment and they are being duped out of control. The only way they cant be duped is for the owner of a unique item to hide it and not show it. Wilki says about deleting these items (or reverting them) but basically EA cant even track em or dont know how its done and EA also say its ok to trade these items so our game is going down the drain. I am told uo gold on ebay is now as little as $1.8 per million as the game is awash with duped items and gold. WAKE UP EA, your oldest mmorpg is disappearing rapidly yet you sit and wat
  12. I'm a no, however if they bring out proficiencies in a later publish (41 on hold) then i would pay for a publish 40 shard!
  13. for $19.99 i would want an additional house on same server
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