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  1. Belated salutations. Hope you get better soon Ad.
  2. Thanks jfk, feels like a time warp. Still getting back in the saddle.
  3. Barbed kits are the best way to go for this, using barbed leather, as are high level hammers, but you would want the mage property. Or tons of really great loot.
  4. Thanks Ally and Nok. i had this hole in my free time that only UO forums could fill. When I left Ally, you had gotten preggers. Any updates?
  5. way too long. Glad to see you both still around Cabe and LS!!!
  6. Hi, checking in. Still at the same job. Dodged lay-offs for a while. Life took a couple tail spins, plus 13 hour days. I missed you guys. Getting a little more time now, hope to check in more often.
  7. Thanks for all the info on the spawn areas peeps! There are two ways to get thrasher. He actually spawns by himself in the lower southeast corner, just the other baddies walk around a little. These are mostly dragged around by people getting Lady Mel keys. Best bet is to go to Felluca, noone seems to go there on most shards. As to GETTING there, you can either embrace honor outside the entrance, then walk down Need less than a minute). Or use area peace and invis to get down there. What I normally do is bring a CU, embrace honor, enter, get set up, dismount, then start. If you want t
  8. You need a GM lockpicker. It counts as a level 5 chest. Make sure you disarm trap or use telekinesis on it to open, the trap HURTS.
  9. Well done JFK. Damned fine accomplishment!
  10. Yes. When making a box, two skills are checked. First carpentry, to make the box (or container), then a check is made on tinker skill to make it lockable. The two levels dont NEED to match (you can have 30 carpentry and still make GM tinker boxes).
  11. Just keep spamming your tame macro. The GD will not target you at all. This is also extremely useful for getting to the DH keys, and through almost any other nasty spawn area, like travesty keys.
  12. Rendarius, time for me to be educated. Where do the warhorses spawn? I cant find a good reference for em.
  13. I do my beatdowns with a well trained CU on G Drags. Their resists / damage match up nicely in favor of the CU. Combine vet with cast heal (I have 40 LMC, FC 2/6, 19 MR from suit, 40 med). Piece of cake. However, just use honor to tame, much more efficient. Raise honor at Thrasher, quicker, easier, and better loot than Succubus. With a tamer, you can get to third tier in about 3 hours. WIth a warrior, about 45 minutes. Yes, it normally uses up 1 tick per use, but I have seen some weird things happen.
  14. at moonglow, go into the lightning and stand there for about 3 to 5 minutes. You will be teleported to a room with a man named Andrew, who asks you some questions and is rather sassy. First, you are asked if you believe in fate or not. I suggest answering "yes". Answering "no" gives you nothing. You are then offered a chance to support the shadowlords or not. I said no (on Thom), and was brought back to moonglow and killed. Another player said yes, and came back with a glass dagger and a mage card.
  15. about 1k gold on most servers. Possibly less. Few people hunt bloods anymore, and the additional stats are rather low. Check the first link in my signature. We have quite a few good topics on what makes good loot, and item properties. This should help.
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