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  1. any body tested the factions ? can someone tell me what the scoring is like? i cant log on my home monitor broke
  2. if the free shard had a pvp based side id defiantly play, plus it would be good to play on one shard with all the uoforum posters.
  3. i do good with pvp on alt with a archer or dexter but not to good using a mage because of my ping
  4. i live in the uk too i play Atlantic i ping around 110 which isn't to bad
  5. aww i feel for you that game is the best me n my girl friend played it for hours together good two player game
  6. What lol don't let sony hear you say that they will come to you home and slap you with a HDMI cable and swap your TV's around so your PS3 is on a HD TV. how can you even play ps3 on a 9" TV its way small. lol sorry rant over.
  7. where is it supposed to spawn i found this one at the barracoon spawn in fel
  8. man only if you were on Atlantic id sign up for this i got a pretty mean stealth archer
  9. but then your 120 running with useless when paralyzed you with his bone harvester that he hits you with first time due to his 120 swords just saying Regards, The one who plays gimplates
  10. mines red infact both of my fully finished chars are red :| hmm i did a lil exploring on my tamer dexter but he has got no healing other than bush and pots and a tiny bit of chiv
  11. i got in wooo and some body showd me the quest to get all the way thourgh at the other end
  12. soo whats this place for and how do i get in ?
  13. mage wep + ninja = deathstrike
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