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  1. Now Im not really sure if i can post this here and feel free to delete it if needed BUT Check out this game that i have been playing for a while.. its pretty fun and is technically part of the ultima series.. Lord Of Ultima
  2. Even if you can have a G. Dragon and be mounted it wouldn't be beneficial because G Dragons can't even keep up when you run fast. So really there would be no benefit.
  3. Well you could always join the army... ill put in a good word for you if you want lol. And the plus side you really cant get fired from the army. lol sorry to hear that man.
  4. Shooot who says suicide runs are not a tactic... ask the Japanese Iraqi's, Afghany's. They all tried it.. obviously doesn't work to well, regardless it is still a tactic.
  5. Well that sucks... I always seem to miss the handout.. might be because im in afghanistan, lol. who knows maybe ill get lucky one of these times P.S. WOOT post number 69!
  6. Chefb0yrg


    So yea theres a naked guy with a pink bow and hair and for some reason all i notice is how clean your backpack is.. lol i can never keep mine that clean. *off to clean backpack*
  7. Oh yea! I got this cool reward for doing this event.. and Id rather not keep it and sell it! Some people i sware lol (ps. i got one.. ill sell it for... One billion dollars) lol
  8. im going to go with hero just to be different lol (def. a villian)
  9. My first char is named Freak The Mighty.. He is still around but has changed alot he is still a swordsman but you know they cant stay alive without chiv and bush so he changed to that. I still play him very often and actually love playing him. swords tactics parry anat healing resist... kinda arms lore
  10. so are they pretty much saying they dont like any of the new designs? does any one have a screen shot of the entire bank that i can use? i would do it but you know im in afganistan...
  11. if you could turn every body into a tombstone, uo would be flooded with tombstones...
  12. How about to add a little variety to make a couple different quenching agents, we let the cooks get creative and they have to have a set 3 ingredients and they can add different stuff of their choice to make different types of agents? that way cooks can get creative also?
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