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  1. Episode 1 special edition 10 quid in Game stores, no monthly fees... Tempted more? Teehee
  2. Not intended as a downer, but guildwars has this. Its partly what the PvM side of it is about.
  3. From gamespy: Linky la la to original page Follw that linky for the rest of the article too! Sounds fun dont it?
  4. We had 5 or 6 on sunday nights, they were good fun, but i was pulled away from the net for a few weeks Broke the cycle a bit, didnt know if we would have a show after my return
  5. Ok, i been gone for a few weeks, sorry about that. Just want to see if folk want to turn up to these things if i continue running them.
  6. Might not top the first one but still dying to play it
  7. From totalvideogames.com Click me for i am i linky linky poo pars to the original page! :)
  8. Its the release dates of all august games in the UK, follow the linky loo loos at the bottom of the post
  9. From the lovely gamespy website : IMA LINKY LOO LOOS and i link to the original release page Anyone see anything they like? Id love to play supermonkeyballl adventure myself, i love segas innovotive games.
  10. Theres been several re releases for gamecube so far, might be worth picking up a cheap gamecube and rummaging some secound hand game bins
  11. Found a little linky that some folk looking for a new game, or some of you just curious to find out what the hypes about in other games, might like to look at. *im a linky'ty linky linky poo paas!* It has free trials to the following games : Have fun all!
  12. On the gamecube i have the special edition windwalker set with ocarina of time in, the special 4 zelda game pack with ocarina of time in, and the original game.... So err yeah i got 3 copys.....
  13. From Guildwars.com *woooooots* Linky!!!
  14. What this mean for PC gamers? Clicky linky to IGN's original page on this
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