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  1. Welcome to the High Council Malo!! I hope to see you still here when i return.
  2. Ok well i am playing around with a seal type graphics for the courts and guard. I am trying to get a good set of scales to import and transform to the graphic. Once i am done with it i will post a shot of it and get everyones opinion of them
  3. Ok does anyone have the symbols for the courts or Guard? like a Seal? Or design?
  4. Ok i am playing around with a Flash site. What i am doing is going to create a splash screen with the High Council Text along with the Seal is in the middle of the screen. on the left and right of the screen will be arrows pointing in those directions. I invision where the user will mouse over it and the screen rotates in that direction. and it will show the Courts or Guard portion of the website. Here is sorta the begining of what i am thinking
  5. I agree that someone should update the High Council website. Who that person is a matter of discussion. I have some Flash skills that i am trying to better. I will be glad to help out with it only if no one else wants to.
  6. Well for the theives guild your character has a in game timer, if you created the charater 3 weeks ago. and have only logged on that character everyday but only for 1 to 2 hours a day. you will not have had enought ingame time to be old enough to join. I think it was a total of 40 in game hours the character had to be to join the guild... But things have changed so much since i have been gone. The theives guild might not be taking any applications at this time...
  7. Good day Ladies and Gents. I would like to invite you all to the 3rd Market Day. Market Day is for players who would like to meet the vendors and crafters of Lake Superior. Guest Speaker: Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Time: 10:00 PM EDT/9:00 PM CDT Location: Counselor's Guild in Trinsic(Trammel)
  8. Good Eve one and all. In the coming weeks, I will be hosting a new Event "Market Day". but before this can happen, I will need to contact some Vendors and crafters of all types to contact me. I will have my contact info at the end of this post. What i am looking to do is set up one day ever month or two weeks where the crafters come to a town and setup a booth. I am hoping to bring players to get to know the crafters of Lake Superior or crafters from other shards. I am hoping to this will help better player interaction. And help the players find those hard to find items out there. If you
  9. OK here is the bare bones of the site will i get home and upload the images, videos, and content. Tell me what you think of it so far. I am going to try and do some editing of some pictures so it looks like a legion behind my messages, and on the left side a slide show of the pictures that go with the message (Or will be a Video.)
  10. the only 3 party program that i knew of was a small window that would allow you to loop your UOassist macros. It has two buttons a begin and end. along with a delay field.
  11. Yes thanks Marc, so far safe and sound (well from a few coughs, pains, and other sh*t they dont tell ya to watch out for). Ahh yes i might have a chance to go there myself. If you look in the army times you will see the largest Alabama National Guard BN to deployill deploy to Iraq and now Afghanistan at the end of this year. I have applied for an AGR slot in the current unit. If i dont, i might head off with them. PM me and i will give you my email and we can chat more about what unit your in. Hey Leeda, Piper, ladykolleen Thanks it is good to hear from you all. oh and btw i dont thin
  12. If i remember correctly back in 97 UO released a new Box. on the CD one had the option of installing a (?ummm) version that one could test out the game before committing to creating an account. This "shard" was the begining of the hackers and free shards. This "shard" have the hackers access to the source code for the server side Client. Over the years the Developers have rewriten alot of the code and lost some valuable tools in the process.(i.e character faces and such..)
  13. As of right now i dont know what my most desired item would be i am stuck in iraq for the past year.
  14. Yeah well there will be an easter egg on the site to some videos i shot while over here...
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