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  1. ho well, the fact that "young" char can do the quest is totally wrong and they'd not allow young player to do the quest.... anyway the damage is already done! BUT if i'm not wrong, you can create "Only 1" trial account for each credit card, or i'm wrong? i dont think there are other way to have a trial account! at last is what i know
  2. all done thx for the guide! =) just 1 question, also a ghost can complete the quest??
  3. ok found it! now i have to find the way for the ethereal fortress!! damn...
  4. Grab a shovel go to the GY and where the banners are the gravestone by the water start digging..... sorry but i dont understand where i have to go to dig!! Can you tell me exactly where? coordinates? thx!
  5. i dont understand...wher is the entrance? and what do you mean with "Cryptic"?? the ehereal fortress is on a island so i need a boat?? the boss is there or....where???? help plz! =)
  6. Evilminion care to share how to get to the boss? have something to do with ethereal fortress?....how i het into ethereal fortress??
  7. how to find the boss?? any help? cmon plz =)
  8. Adri can you tell me how? plz =) my english suck and i have to work hard 10xtimes more to understand all the story...reading...and so on! lol any help? thx
  9. hi i need some info about the spawn of artifact in doom/ishenar. this'd be the correct table: lvl1-1.5hour lvl2-3hour lvl3-6hour lvl5-1day lvl7-4days 1)Is this correct? 2)What about the level4 and 6??? 3)how much time i have to add if an item of level2, for example, spawn before the server going down? i mean, how much time count the server down? any help? thx =)
  10. humm its only on TC or also on production shards?? maybe i have to check...
  11. whwre is andrew???? in the same place where there was the black rift?? if yes, here there is no andrew around...no flashing...nothing, any help?
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