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  1. Explore All Seven New Areas! The Journey to Rohan Begins!
  2. Its always sad to hear of people losing their jobs. I hope those affected soon find employment somewhere else. Blizzard Entertainment announced it is to lay off 200 staff at its operation in the city. and Activision Lays Off 600 From Blizzard Videogame Division
  3. What a tragic end to a tragic life. In her better days she was definately one of the best female singers in her field. I certainly did not see this coming. RIP Whitney.
  4. Its always sad to see a great roleplayer leave,but I did the exact same thing for many of the same reasons.When you have built up a RP character and their whole virtual existence comes to a standstill because others leave,there comes a time when you just cannot really carry on. I hope you find at least a small gap filled on Atlantic,and while the RP may not be what you want,who knows,you may be able to make it happen. All the best in your move to Atlantic and let us know of your journeys and experiences there. We could do with a good reporter if the mood takes you.
  5. Prayers and healing thoughts winging their way to you ,your grandson and all the family.
  6. Sorry I missed your birthday.I am sure you had a great day though *huggs*
  7. Hi again Kaelith.Yes HoST is still around,but Tabbitha and Twoie are not still with it,though our other characters are.We joined a very active guild DR [Divine Retribution]. We havent been around much over the holiday as he has been in the UK with me for the holidays. He is back in Sweden though now and I have told him you were asking for him. Do you have Skype ?
  8. Well done Tancred Shows what a lot I know Glad you got it to work Inanna !!
  9. I am not sure you CAN hang a ruined painting tbh.
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