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  1. So very sad to hear this. My Condolences to his family!
  2. I jumped on the other day for a bit. I just downloaded the client, patched and logged in. Never touched the account management site.
  3. When you finally get on maybe you should go darkside for a bit, so you can vent =)
  4. Hey Tancred, Sorry to hear you were having problems right out the gate. Did you get it all sorted out? If so how are you liking it? -Az =)
  5. I don't know how up to date the info is but I'm pretty sure I used Adam's guide the last time I trained up an archer Archery Skill Guide. You might also want to look through the skill templetes forum and see what is being used by people there Skill Templates Good Luck! -Az
  6. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them
  7. I like Kimmy's idea! It seems to cover all the bases.
  8. I "Laughed out Loud" when I read your first example! =) Now back to the subject...why not start a new guild with a name as close to the original as you can get it? It could fall under "its the thought that counts" category.... I'm not sure if the 90 day thing is legit, is it in writing anywhere...or I'm wondering if this got flipped off, like house decay after 911, and never got turned back on. -Az
  9. I know GM's get bashed alot, heck in the past I've bashed the generally poor customer service of EA on more then one occasion. I've been stuck at #10 waiting for help for hours in the past. Tonight while moving my house two boxes fell through the floor, one was filled with junk the other had 4 chests of ps's and a full set of dye tubs, etc... I paged, I was # 10, I wept.... Within 10-15 mintues, while still getting the canned message that I was #10, I was contacted by a GM. The boxes were safely removed before I even knew he/she was there. The GM was extremely pleasent and helpful, a
  10. Thanks everyone, 'specially Tancred for letting me know 2d works. I'll mark it up to my "fools luck" and give it a spin .
  11. Ok I was thinking it was a scam when I got the email from nobody@eamythic, but then I saw Adam's post leading to the herald, so far all good! The problem I have is " you are accepting the Beta Test Agreement you accepted upon completing your application" part of the email. ....I never applied, I figured my old crappy computer couldn't run KR so it probally wouldn't handle SA. Anyone else get in without applying and does SA support 2d? Thanks, -Az
  12. I've used this method many times and agree it is the easiest way to gain parry. The times I have done it though I don't recall my gear taking damage except for the item I'm using to parry, and I usually skip the shield and use a two-handed npc weapon. Lately it seems like there was a change as I've had to start out using a two-hander that I have skill in for lower to mid gains and then switching to a weapon that I am unskilled in for higher gains. After you attack the unarmed females you go back into peace mode and just stand there blocking. On a different note I usually start training
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