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  1. OK I take that back! I wanted VERY MUCH to try LOTRO, however, after what seemed to take forever to download, setup my account etc., now I can not log in. I can not log in to the game, not onto the forums nothing. I have sent in a technical request but yet have not heard from them. Is there any other way that I can try out this game???? This does not leave a really great first impression. I am getting discouraged. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I would fall under the US category, so that first one it sounds like. Thanks.
  3. OK well here I am again. I am currently downloading the 10-day trial version of LOTRO and I am excited to see it in more detail. My question now is, which server? I want friendly people that are role-players and mature. Suggestions?
  4. So this is the second or third time I have tried to reinstall the Classic Client on my system and it is still giving me grief. I get it downloaded, installed, start it up and it gives me the error about trouble with "origin" and to try again and I have a "Ultima Online is Loading" message on my desktop screen but nothing happens. I wait for hours this morning thinking maybe it had a lot of patching or something but it still would not run. So we removed it and tried it again. Looks like I am at the same point again. Any suggestions?
  5. So long as you keep them wonderfully happy and fed, I do not believe so. Sometimes, however, they can get stuck somewhere and not recall out with you in which case to retrieve them you can either use the pet summoning ball from the ant solen quest or log out and in again and it should log back in with you. And yes, it is like a whole new world. Welcome back!
  6. Welcome back! That is quite an absence and you will find so many changes it would be difficult to list them all. I would suggest that you make some connections with people here from various servers, I am from a village on Chesapeake and go and spend a little time on each to see what feels most comfortable and works the best for your time. Personally I have found that the atmosphere varies from shard to shard and should you decide to do this, seek out our village, Kijustsu Anei Village on the Tokuno Islands through the Homare-Jima moongate and ask for me, or just about anyone else for that
  7. Yes, very nice! Wish it suited me as well.
  8. The Kijustsu Anei Village, Kijustsu Anei Keys and the Village of Moria are pleased to show their support for Delta Butch of RBG or Deputy Commander of the Royal Guards! Guarding everyone for everything!
  9. Glad you have found your way back. The Kijustsu Anei Village is located just outside the Homare-Jima moongate in the Tokuno Islands. There is also a small telehub link there and at the Tea House in PaxOku on the other side of the village as well. Check out the Chesapeake Guilds forums section as it has some of the guilds with their forums as well as I believe there is another list on Stratics of guilds. Depending on your play style, there should be something that fits right in with what you are looking for and I have found most to be very helpful on Chesapeake. (I transferred here 4 mon
  10. From the Office of the Intendent of Kijustsu Anei Village: Kijustsu Anei Village hereby withdraws from treaty negotiations with PaxOku as we feel that both parties are not negotiating with the same intentions and spirit envisioned at the beginning of the process.
  11. Luna Rossa (SAGE) Xan (KLS) Absinthe (KLS) Onyx Ravenstone (KLS) SAGE Keeper (KLS) Socrates (KLS)
  12. If UO shutdown? I would definitely have to play on one of the free shards as I too need my UO. I have tried other games and so far nothing has come close to the UO experience.
  13. Welcome to UO and the UO Forums! You will find great information and a lot of people here to make your entrance into the world of UO more enjoyable.
  14. So now that I have download, installed, created accounts and a character I have an issue of the game locking up my system. It looks interesting but I will never know at this rate. I have read on the net that the only thing people have done is reformatted their systems. This is not an option for me. Any suggestions? If I can not run or play it, and I have a high-end machine, then I will just uninstall it.
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