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  1. FYI... i havent tried in about a week, but when the new publish went in, i couldnt cast the armegeddon spell on the shadowlords anymore. Not sure if its fixed yet or not.
  2. go out the sparkle gate then come right back in... you should be unaggrod then
  3. just want to thank gareth for posting this thread... yet another thing im addicted to now:XXcomputer:
  4. there are ankhs that drop that are pretty cool... i think they give bonus to stats for a set amount of time, i think you can get virtue armor stuff too.... the one that i like the most is the 10th anniversary statue... it gives you a bonus to you luck for a set amount of time(not sure how long) depending on your account age...
  5. packers signed Brohm to back up aaron rodgers... also took a couple of recievers too...im interested to see how they handle the brettless era
  6. most of the "fun" stuff isnt soloable anymore... id recommend training in the virtue dungeons(shame, deciet, despise, etc) they have a chance at 10th anniversary drops which are kinda neat... and its a good place to train up most of your stuff... although theres nothing to steal in those places anymore that i know of
  7. just thought id put a little post in here to get my reputation up... give me a bump if you want... :>
  8. i just want to point out that UO thinks my shirt saying was good... they made one sorta like it....
  9. on GL thers a guy in luna that has vendors in the middle of the walkway... probably 4 tiles or more away from his house.... its strange
  10. 10 mana? how are you doing any specials?
  11. im not sure if the turn ins will be "extremely" low for the sword and shield, considering the effort to kill one of those winged creatures is much more than the effort to kill a dark wisp... granted you dont get a thread on every wisp, it is still easier to kill 20 wisps for most people than one of the aforementioned winged things... just my 2 cents Also, are there corrupted wisps at the gate on every shard? anyone have a clue what thats all about? im on GL and theres been a corrupted wisp thats blue sitting next to the gate on the normal side of moonglow for at least a week now.
  12. am i missing something... is there a bonus to buying game time codes?? EAm charges me 13 something a month and you sell your codes for 15.99... im not trying to be funny im just curious on if theres something special you get with your codes?
  13. thanks mag... guess i didnt realize what i was reading... i did read the post here.. thanks again
  14. How about "I did this event for 4 weeks and all i got was this lousy t-shirt!!":laugh:
  15. as far as i know, origin is the the first server to get the patches updated to them... not sure about the population on it though... i play on Great Lakes and it seems to have a pretty decent population throughout the day... come on over and check us out... I am an Emmy for the guild -Y- so come check us out... look for Marzapan
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