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  1. I know on the test center that you can receive the "Farmer's Band of Mastery" and the "Ring of Arcane Tactics", but do these items cease to exist on all of the other shards? I've never seen drop anywhere nor for sale from any vendor on any shard.
  2. When you ban someone from your house, does this only include the particular character or all characters on the account? Also, will lifting the ban on one allow all others? I can't really remember which one was the case, although if the ban does ban all of the characters, then you're really banning the account and any char from it to go into the home? What purpose would that serve? Especially if more than one person plays on the same account?
  3. Thanks for the info. The one thing that I needed cleared up was, the actual damage that is taken off the victim is "not" increased based on your poison skill? If you're poisoned by someone with 80.0 poisoning vs. 100.0 poisoning, it's still the same amount of damage being taken off (in the case of lethel, that would be 35 - 50 hit points). But, maybe an alchemist can enhance deadly poison potions to make them take off more damage when hit? For the most part, I understand what you're saying. Thanks!
  4. Ok, so not all deadly poisons are created equal. Depends on who is wielding it. Someone with 100 poisoning hitting their target does more than 80. [EDIT] Does this apply to "putting" the poison on the weapon? Or "hitting" with the weapon?
  5. If you can apply deadly poisoning at 80.0 to anything, what is the advantage of taking it higher to 90 or 100? Reason is, I've been able to deadly poison everything at 80.0 with no mistakes or failures.
  6. The dreaded seven day wait? I've screwed up so many characters and ended up having two characters with the same name on the shard (because I was still working up the second one) but seeing that other guy there for a whole week with the same name was annoying.
  7. For warriors, I guess that I'll stick with humans, and gargoyles maybe for Imbuing. I just couldn't imagine going into battle without my +20 str spirit of the totem and +15 dex jackal's collar.
  8. One thing that does confuse me is that, I see some people (who look like Gargoyles anyway) with a head armor slot, while other ones don't have one. I remember race changing one of my chars over to gargoyle and he still wasn't able to keep a head slot for armor. So how are some people getting head slots and appearing to be like Gargoyles?
  9. Quick question about this. I know you need to take Imbuing if you're majoring in Mysticism (for some spells), but do you need to take Mysticism if you're majoring in Imbuing? Like, can a blacksmith learn Imbuing (for items) and not have to take Mysticism?
  10. I've recently started learning Imbuing (which can alter items, right?) If I understand correctly, altering allows Gargoyles to wear items that humans and elves can? Or is there something else? Also, since Gargoyles cannot wear helms, items such as "Spirit of the Totem" is ruled out? This happens to be (in my opinion) one of the most significant items in all of UO for warriors.
  11. Has anyone successfully used a boat anywhere in Ter Mur?
  12. I've been making dough since this seems to be one of the few things that you can bake (like bread) without it cooking it all at once. However, the sack of flour lasts long enough, but the pitcher of water only lasts 3 times. If you get 20 pitchers of water, that's only 60 times (compared to a scribe's pen) although each scribe pen can last over 60 times! I'm thinking that finding a water trough might be the only thing you can do. Buy like 20 empty pitchers, fill them up, and then just keep making dough? Or can you just stand next to a water trough?
  13. Stupid question, but how do you make an exceptional item without placing your mark if you're a GM or over? I just can't find the selection. Sometimes, I just like to have the "exceptional" tag without a maker's name (if they choose not to put it on).
  14. I'm not sure how to determine if it's disabled. But good news is that, I have it working. I don't know if this is common, but... first I selected a pickaxe and he used this. Then I took the shovel and dragged it over the blank square and selected the "ore" resource. It didn't do anything, but the pickaxe was still being selected as the tool (inside the square) even though it was destroyed. So I exited the client altogther back to Windows, loaded it back up and then selected the shovel again, after it appeared in the box, it started working again.
  15. I'm having trouble setting up even simple macros with the enhanced client. It just seems like things aren't working. Setting up Mining isn't working for me right now. I have my shovel in my inventory, and I'm setting up the Macro just like I did in Kingdom Reborn. I have it set for "Target by Resource" with a 10 count repeat. Select the right shovel and then bind it to a key (like F10). Nothing. I have to double click the shovel, and then it starts to work... but then when I click F10, nothing again.
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