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  1. Ok, someone else answerd my question to this, but I do have another. I know the higher your stealing the heavier the things you can steal like 120 is 12 stones 100 is 10 stones, but if you have 120 does it increase your success chance? Also if your stealing is higher does it decrease the chance of people noticing you attempting to steal?
  2. Ok, if you have 120 stealing with your gear bonuses. You use a talisman to be able to turn into the ferret form using ninjitsu, which gives +10 stealing, does it grant you above 120 to 130?
  3. Im sorry I forgot to add Ninjitsu 100. Also, if I use jew's to get fencing and tactics to 90. Will I be able to use weapon abilities since my true skill is 75 or 60 if I use two jews of the same skill. ??
  4. Ok, here is what I've came up with. Please let me know what you think. 90 stealing +30 shadow legs + burg bandana 90 snooping +10 burg bandana 70 stealth +30 shadow legs + burg bandana 100 hiding 100 Ninjitsu 90 weapon (maybe 75 depending on jewels) 90 tactics (maybe 75 depending on jewels) SS or Chiv = 70 with two +15 jewels 100 SS or Chiv What do you think though SS or Chiv?
  5. I did not know that, thank you!! So, Im going to use tactics, but still about the snooping. Is it essential to the thief or should I just run up and use stealing on the person and get something at random? Doing this does it include things inside bags? I still have no healing besides the ninjitsu cat\dog forms for increase hp regen.
  6. I know with snoop u can kinda pick what u wanna steal. Is having a thief without snoop a good idea? Or has someone played like that and could tell me their experience with it.
  7. Not using the snooping skill never even accured to me as an option. I suppose it's harder to find someone standing still in fel when not in the guard zone or still at a champ spawn after the champion dies. That could be a possibility. The tactics Im still not sure about... I don't know if I'd be using me weapon that often to need it. Maybe just use a dagger for infect and shadow strike?
  8. I've been looking around at some of the threads and things for an answer to my question(s). Hopefully someone can help My Template is as follows: 1- Snoop 2- Steal 3- Hide 4- Stealth 5- Ninjitsu 6- Fencing 7- (This is where im stuck) Tactics, Focus, Spirit Speak, or something else? I want to be a Champ spawn, Fel running, type of thief. I gave some thought to resist spells, but then Ill have no way of healing and same thing if I go with tactics etc.. but at the same time with no tactics will I be able to dish out any damage? Please give me your opinions on what you think would be best
  9. So items like the Gems from mining, different types of wood, items from fishing.. sound interesting. The main reason I asked this question in the 1st place is because I just started a vendor at my house, i only have one, and I sell some artifacts (not doom), LRC gear, jewelry etc.. The LRC gear tends to not sell as well as the other items I currently have. I'm thinking of making a resource character with skills like. Mining Lumberjacking Fishing Swords Tactics Parry Chiv Those 7 sound pretty good to me and Ill just 100 each of them.
  10. I was wondering what items sell the best on your vendors. Besides from Doom Artifacts, Runic crafted armor, and Power Scrolls.
  11. personally... to me Tamers are ment for PvM i dont like seeing PvP tamers. But I guess the temp could work...
  12. Yeah I hate having to run around fences.. very annoying. I think when you res it should auto equip your gear you last had on and delete deathrobe. Deathrobes only cause more cluster.
  13. I have downloaded KR, but have not yet downloaded all of the patches. I doubt I will seeing how most people do not like it. I rather save myself some time and not patch and go through the trouble. I love playing UO and I hope it will be up and running for many more years to come without only scriptors playing. Someone mentioned that earlier..
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