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  1. Unfortunately changing your weapon might not be the answer to your missed swings problem - the Unbound Energy Vortexes have high wrestling skill so therefore they are harder to hit. I have 30 HLD and 45 HCI but still I miss lots of swings (frustratingly often on the last swing before the kill so I lose my Perfection bonuses). My only real counter is to bring along my disco bard on another client to help, the discordance lowers their wrestling skill but also their resistances so I can kill them alot faster
  2. I just axed mine about 30 minutes ago and it worked fine..have to target the trunk not the leaves. Could also try locking it down if that doesn't work.
  3. The robe is rare, insomuch as it was created using the 'doggy dupe' method with those NPCs you found. Its worth is generally 10-20m
  4. Aye thanks for the dye tub tip!
  5. If you are unmounted and you log off while the beetle has items in its pack then it will not automatically log out with you - meaning all the time you're gone it'll be losing loyalty
  6. Have you tried running client.exe straight from the UO folder? It bypasses the patching process and loads the client straight up.
  7. For sure, the RP homes on Europa are great
  8. Very cute! Whereabouts is it, I'd love to visit
  9. The UM jail is in Bucc's Den inn, right? Good story
  10. Paid 300k for mine, rates 4.1 on the calculator
  11. The Potted Plant Deed is worth 5-8mil
  12. Hello! Just a note to let you good people know that my 18x15 house on the eastern road between Vesper and Minoc is in the process of decaying. Its a great spot, and I'm sure it won't stay unoccupied for long so if anyone would like first pick on it before the spot opens up please ICQ me on 478138233 and I'll transfer it to you Thanks!
  13. I disagree slightly. What I like about UO is that you don't have to grind your skills up, you can go anywhere and do anything at any skill level. Sure you might die alot, but its nice to have that freedom Europa would be a great shard for you, there is a very healthy RP community as well as a more casual playerbase. Also people are generally happy to communicate 'in-character', even if they are not an RPer as such. The main RP guilds on the shard will be happy to take you in and teach you about the game as you go along, or alternatively there are guilds like mine (ClanUK) who run regular even
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