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  1. We had Red the other day and Charcoal Grey
  2. Slimies last seen in the Exodous Dungeoun. Western Main Room.
  3. Don't forget the Creatures and Animals of UO either.. Each coming from their own Realms of Mythology. It has always amazed me how UO was based on Myths and Legends on Real Life. It also amazes me how many people don't realize how much real world history is steeped into UO.
  4. Hmmm Hate to tell ya Tabbitha.. there are already Pirates in UO
  5. Well, Hmm this already happens... Therio hosts weekly Crafting events.
  6. Reponds/Humans are the opposite group of Undead. When using a undead against this group you take 20% More damage then you normally would.
  7. LS is HUGELY populted.. (Lake Superior) I have never seen it 'desolate" It is one of the bigger shards. Luna is Vastly full I belong to several guilds. UOA, OSS and A^N. If you see one of us in Luna say Hi we will add ya and whisk you away for fun and death robes. (We aint afraid of dieing!) Just look for Chariot, Lucieus and Raja.. (Me) Give LS another chance.. we can change..
  8. We all live and learn.. Don't be so hard on yourself. I am betting every single one of us has been swindled or scammed in some shape or form. I for one was selling Blaze hair dye. Someone said "Hey I will buy it, come to my house" Sadly I went through the pretty red gate and was deposited directly into a Energy field outlining the gate and got quickly ganked. As I sat dead.. I watched several others fall for the same trick. I did get rezzed by a symphatic red and was able to get my stuff and recall out. You live, you learn and you move on.
  9. Did anyone maybe stop to think that maybe coding is different too? Is Coding done in Their language and needs to be translated and implamented? It was also mentioned that the 11th anniversary items were a part of a promotion, What that means is that, they have boxes to put in the stores.. they promote promote promote.. IN STORES.. NOT Online.. So those guys have 30 days to run out and get their special anniversary box! After 30 days it comes out online where everybody and their brother can buy it. So now you have advertising and marketing.. Su Chang goes out and buys his box.. get's his sp
  10. Tabbitha.. can I make a request.. Can we change the Devs blue color to something else? I can't read it at all. Thanks.
  11. The reason was given.. and the reason is thus. The Japan Shards still have 100% Staffed VOLUNTEERS, they have GMS, Counsilers.. and EMs. they created, made and produced the 11th anniversary items.
  12. Well I am still going through the same route...still at 200ms.. and it is 2pm MST.. Where is the fix?
  13. I dunno if I am buying this.. we shall see I suppose..
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