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  1. I am one of the returnees to UO (left in '07) who is back on Chesapeake and just stumbled across Nidaros happily. I can attest to PaxLair. They are a solid group and one of the reasons UO is a great game to play. Either way, feel free to stop by Chessy anytime. We have a great player base here!
  2. I too have seen the blood flowing over the road there. Indeed, it seems there is a snack station there for them.
  3. I must have provoked ol' Bessie. They have been fine additions to my renowned hides collection. The Innkeepers of Skara Brae cannot keep up with the supply of beef that has been imported from the Nidaros environs as of late. I do hope the city fathers of Skara Brae do not get wind of these bovine issues and shut down beef imports due to this alleged "mad cow" scare! That will come back to hurt the city's coffers for sure! We here at Arundel Cattle Co. take the cattle provocation threat seriously, and any cattle that appears to be ill or of ill temperament will be slaughtered according to a
  4. Wonderful! I will stop next door again soon! I've begun additions including a rooftop garden, library/hall meeting area, and of course, a reading room! Thank you, Ashlarrr! I have done some sightseeing and tended to Nidaros' nearby fields and found the town's facilities to be adequate. Are there vendors in the works? I have visited the crafting houses this past weekend and added some tailoring add-ons to continue my tailoring enterprises as I return to the shores of Britannia and Sosaria. Much more to do!
  5. I have returned again to Britannia and the Realm! I do hope my return helps the Statehood of PaxLair and the Realm in general. Indeed, much has changed here in these lands... That being said, I have relocated from my old haunts on Moonglow to larger spaces upon noticing my prior homestead ravaged by these desperate rioters as of late. I have had even to leave the city of Skara Brae, due to the rioters terrible tactics of putting the city up in flames. I have been able to find open land in the pastoral city of Nidaros on the outskirts of Skara Brae. The building plot has been secured, and t
  6. If you are interested in doing something this year, let me know! This old one needs something to do every now and then in the Realm, now that I have returned.
  7. The building plot has been secured, and the builders have finally left. I have now moved in next door to the Nidaros Town Hall! I welcome any suggestions from Mayor Zanku or you, Maeddhros on the property and any potential city taxes this might incur. I would have applied for a building permit with the city but I found no attendant on duty! Needless to say, I was happy enough to move in, even if the rogue surveyors prevented me for some time this week. I'm not sure if you need an old Tailor in your parts, but as I've said I felt like Skara Brae and your town are a perfect fit to my return t
  8. With all this unrest in the streets... I am sure to see your kind grow in numbers... it is that time of the year! We shall see how the high seas go for the Red Daggers band!
  9. Welcome back, Kerrs! I too am returning to Sosaria and the wonderful land of Britannia after a very long voyage. Too much has changed, but it is good to hear and see soon familiar faces in the Realm again!
  10. So then the imbalance is in horned leather? This is one of the reasons I've doubled between Swordsman and Tailor. To me that's the best mix, even after first look of my return. I returned after 4 years on Sunday! If you're on Chessy ever, don't be a stranger! I usually run with the PaxLair crowd there. Even with all the changes, it's good to be back!
  11. Tell me more of the rebirth of Nidaros! I shall make my trek to Skara Brae and its environs before the end of this eve.
  12. When is the next Statehood meeting for this fair realm of PaxLair? I have returned from my lengthy voyages to distant lands of unimaginable wealth and luxury, and I wish to give proper greeting to all my friends who have remained true to this glorious Realm! Oh, how have these years changed even more than I would expect after our faithful defense of Maginicia many years ago! Oh, too the memories and riches that remain for me, a humble servant of this Realm. It remains a blessing to be back amid the people of Britannia. Good people of PaxLair, I wish you all greetings and warm blessings! More
  13. Agreed. It was the only thing unaddressed by them. They went right over the router firewall as the problem... But so did I. Oh, well. I guess I am locked to one PC for the UO client for the forseeable future. The port forwarding is needed due to the firewall setting to medium. I don't care to know the annoyances of anything higher. Thanks again! If anyone knows how to unlock other computers under the same network out on networks with these ports, it would be appreciated. It should kick me off on the other client anyways, so I still don't understand why the foyer cannot allow two pcs to the p
  14. Well, mostly solved. I will have to go in and forward it to whatever pc I am currently using. I can't use the same port forwarding rules on two different computers apparently.
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