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  1. Cool, makes sense. My problem prolly is I don't have a great caster suit built up. I have 100% LRC, my physical resist is 70 but my other resists are low which may account for casters hurting me.
  2. Thanks for the help. I found that post you referenced previous and used it as my base to create a necromage. I have never done anything with spellweaving as I thought it needed a group to be useful and I am not in a guild nor run much with any group (wow that looks sad when I type it out). Concerning the resisting spells, I threw it in there because I found when I go up against casters (higher level liches, greater dragons) that they tear me up without it. Given that am I doing something wrong against these types of mobs?
  3. Hey guys, I am making a Necromage for my first character. My account is under a year old so i don't have all the stat cap increases etc that you may have. I mainly PvM. I currently have my guy at: 100 Magery 100 Necro 100 Eval Int 100 Spirit Speak 100 Med 100 Resist I was thinking of running all but Necromancy up to 120 (when I can afford it) Is that the best thing to do for this type of template? Also, my stats are: 74 Str 35Dex 110 Int Is that the best mix for my template? Thanks for the input.
  4. I recently began playing on Altantic and find it to be quite a nicely balanced server. There seems to be a good population of players that delve into all facets of play (PvM, PvP, etc) and the market doesn't seem to be terrible either. I was able to place a house without to much trouble. I just need to find a guild myself.
  5. I started playing UO in 1999 and quit periodically to play all the other MMO's as they came out but I always come back. Only advice I can really give is stick with it for a bit and you will love it. Most kids are used to the WoW MMO setup and being stuck in a class/level grinding structure. UO does not have these limitations and sometimes the freedom UO gives intimidates people. I would think about making a melee class character to start, it is easy to play and provides a lot of enjoyment (at least from my perspective).
  6. Well your answer makes sense which is why I probably did not think about it :tard: Thanks =)
  7. Just wondering why it is that I can not post under the following section: Ultimate Online Forums > Ultima Online > Ultima Online Guilds & Player Run Towns > Origin. Is it locked for some reason? Or am I a noob and just missed the button that lets you post? :nono:
  8. It is not really a monster, but my current passion is going to each of the original dungeons and staring at the entrance fighting my way to every level, corner and dead end and back out again. I have not idea why but I find it really fun, it makes me feel like I conquered the place and it lets me explore every section of them. :dunce:
  9. Nerd Alert! I am actually a little jealous that I never thought about making a spreadsheet for my gear!
  10. I am going to hold out for the Jewish Guild, we can get together and eat virtual potato latkes and matzo ball soup and commiserate about how that goy Lord Blackthorne owes us money… But really, anything that could help clean up some of the garbage that goes on in MMORPGS or raise the moral standard is ok with me. I just think it is funny that people will type into a game things that they would never say to another person face to face.
  11. I am not Christian myself, but I think it is really cool when people can combine passions in their life like UO and religion. Now all I have to do is figure out how I can combine my passions for comic books and women. I hear the graphic novels really turn the ladies on.
  12. I would go to here and log into your account then under "Subcription Info" it lists all the expansions there are and whether they are active for your account. i.e. Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy Beta Registration | Not Registered Ultima Online Samurai Empire (Or the Ultima Online: Gold Jewel Case version) Registration | Registered Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy Registration | Registered Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Collection Registration | Registered Notice some say "Registered" and some say "Not Registered", hopefully yours say registered. I have heard of account
  13. If I was playing a MMORPG just to interact with the most people possible, I would go back to WOW (Kel'Thuzad). To me it is about the quality of players not quantity. I have a few people on Origin I interact with and I love it. I actually had a problem with to many people wanting one spawn last night, it made me laugh.
  14. Awesome info guys. I will give Disco a try. Next I have to get a greater dragon. I have been putting it off because I don't want to get tore up =). I mainly use my regular ol' white wurm.
  15. Bard/Tamer Quandary I have been a peace tamer forever. I am thinking of dropping it for Disco or Provo. I mainly pvm and want to get into champ spawns etc with him. I am thinking of dropping Peace for provo. Also. what do you think about reducing my 120’s on my other skills to 110’s and throw in possibly magery or some other skill, would it do me any good? Given 120 Animal Taming 120 Animal Lore 120 Veterinary 120 Music 120 Magery Which to add? 120 Discordance 120 Peacemaking 120 Provocation Thanks for the input.
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