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  1. So much fun! This is what I love about UO! ~M
  2. Also really bad grammar and formatting...but I am suitably impressed. GO, SCIENCE! ~M
  3. I would totally not go on that gameshow, then. Safest would be highly-rated bonds, Treasury, Municipal or Corporate. Highest bet would be an all-in stock purchase. Probably the best risk/return ratio would be an indexed fund. I'm no expert, but most of the ones I follow think the market will be generally up this year, and an index fund is a good way to benefit from that. Honestly, real estate is making a big move right now as well - but I would hesistate to do anything with money I'd be forced to give back in a year. ~M
  4. Sorry, not much. Most of those items are redeemable for cleanup points by dropping them in a public trashcan...but all of them together won't get you enough points for a reward, either. As 'rares' they are very common and easily found. ~M
  5. Oh no, not Plants vs Zombies. The app is so much less fun than the full PC version! ~M
  6. If you're patient, Merion's 2-4 million is probably achievable. As someone who has sold quite a lot of the new loot jewelry, this unfortunately wouldn't even make my personal use pile. The big spenders are all PvPers, and they would look elsewhere as soon as they saw Dex on it - although several might pause over the 5 SSI/5 Stam combo. If it had been 10 SSI, many would have overlooked the Dex flaw. Hope you sell it! ~M
  7. Key apps: - Chrome - Dropbox - Evernote - Angry Birds Star Wars - Bad Piggies ~M
  8. Technically, you can also break the 300 cap with those crystals...darn it...what were they called? They dropped at the same event as the spell focusing sashes and the Fey Slaying katanas... ~M
  9. Allegedly, they were supposed to put Shrines in the locations we had to discover with those laterns, back around the time they were raffling off the housing locations and handing out the Cloaks of Augmentation. I wish they'd get around to that... ~M
  10. If there are any rares you're liquidating, I'm paying fair value. Let me know. ~M
  11. Oooooh. This sounds a lot like Mesanna roulette. Are we finally getting Sonoma Mesanna roulette?! ~M
  12. Oh my. Pity there is not a template, armor and weapon break down with it... Well done. ~M
  13. Of course he did. That's why we love him. Han Solo doesn't take #$%^ from anyone. ~M
  14. I want him to be in some wretched hive of scum and villany, drinking in a corner...and shoot someone. First. ~M
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