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  1. crap! sorry Mae hope you didnt lose too much progress. I know I trained tailor all day yesterday and I know it's gonna be gone, too.
  2. Spending big gold for the right spot. ICQ 174759044
  3. It's been a year if not longer than I've associated myself with any guild after being the GM of a large guild for 2-3 years. I am very picky when it comes to guilds.. but I think I have struck gold. =) ********************************************************** Looking to join a friendly, trammel based guild with an excellent player base? Do you want to do peerless, take part in community events, and make solid and long lasting friendships for years to come? Do you want to have characters in multiple guilds and not have to worry about being hasseled about it? Do you want to be pa
  4. Aye for the past 3 or 4 years I've been a vendor nut and all of my gold stays on my luna vendors. Very handy little banking account and I've never lost any money
  5. Hehe thats ok. I have a ton of empty slots and figured I'd train the useless skills out of both pure boredom and "if".
  6. Ok nm this skill seems to be broken unless I'm severely missing something, as pots now spawn with their name attatched.
  7. I have begun training Taste Identification. I have gotten to 50 no problem off of food. I tried researching online guides for this skill but to no avail. Will potions take me to GM? If so, do I have to ID different strengths of potions? etc. Thanks in advance!
  8. The ONLY thing I would change to this new doom artifact change is when an artifact drops in your pack, the message be any other color BUT white. It is so hard to see when you are crosshealing between 3-5 other dexxers and getting constant mana messages. I'd love for my heart to skip a beat to something say.. light purple? hehe
  9. Very interesting, I like it. It took me about 4.5 hours to get my last arty (another blade of insanity). So I am guessing there is no real method to this madness, and I like not being able to count on one every 1.5 to 2 hours. I like the surprise!!
  10. I absolutely love the new drop rate. I have been a subscriber of UO since early 1999. When AOS came out it took me months to get my first artifact. And it wasn't even a good one.. I have spent imaginable hours thereafter and have only received THREE in how many YEARS? I LOVE THIS DROP RATE!! I don't feel cheated at all. The time I spent in doom previously was a conscious choice. I could have just spent gold or cash on artifacts instead of getting some of my own. But now that's not a problem, I can legitly suit up a few more characters and it's awesome. Keep up the good work! Arties for Every
  11. arcane, staff of magi, and blade of insanity in about 6 hrs back again today. i love bringing my archer! i do tons of dmg and don't have to worry about chasing things down. my arrows do it for me;) My archer is.. 120 Archery 120 Tactics 120 Anatomy 120 Healing 85 Chiv rest in meditation.. Honestly I don't know what I am going to fill with the other points/in place of meditation bushido is such a mana eater and not really worth it IMO since I am an archer.. Dont need to evade or anything. Still deciding. Thinking maybe resist spells since doom monsters are full spells
  12. Thats pretty muchwhat I thought.. Thx Baldguy
  13. So I was in doom for about an hour this morning and got an arcane shield. WOW! Hmmmmmmm took me, about 5 months to get my first one, after AOS launched? So I was just wondering a few things. Once you get an arty does your point system start over? And if you log out in doom, is it the same as forfeiting your current points?
  14. Sold necromancer shroud I am deciding to keep the cloak (its not worth much anyway) Still have ring and sandals for sale. TY
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