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  1. Surprise attack in Guardians Gate! The morning was not unlike any other in peaceful Guardians Gate as everyday life was brought to a stand still today. While citizens went about thier business crafting items and relaxing in the winters day, the rumble of marching soldiers was heard from miles away. Unweary of what cometh, the city was taken by surprise as thousands of orc lay siege upon our peaceful lands. Hordes and hordes of orc poured into the city as Royal Knight Thomas Berard and Elder Delta Butch were first to sight the massive force and send out the call to arms. The famed Otters
  2. The EM House of Commons (HoC) meeting was held at Noon EST today because of something called a "Super Bowl". Niva is not sure what that is but wonders if it can hold a whole lot of Orc Stew. On Friday, February 12th at 8 PM EST, Queen Dawn is hosting a Regatta. Registration will begin at 7 PM EST at the Britain Docks, Trammel. The event is open to all, however, the townships are encouraged to sponsor a vessel in the Regatta (Direct Quote from the mouth of EM Dudley). The Fairgrounds Naming Contest is still open. To enter, you need to put it in a book and drop it off in the mailbox at
  3. Scarlet Von Trinsic Tests Kijustsu Anei Village Kijustsu Anei Village, Homare-Jima February 4, 2010 All was quiet on the island of Homare-Jima. Shops began to close and people returned to their homes and in some cases their forts. What was thought of as another day ended turned into its beginning. One of the Inhabitants of Kijustsu Anei was setting up the new alert system implemented by the Kijustsu Anei Village Intendant, Luna Rossa. A loud battle cry was heard and as they turned around they gazed upon a army of Orcs, Orge Lords and Ettins marching down the street of M
  4. ...From well beyond the grave The last coherent memory the man has is a late night of women, celebration, gambling and drinking. I can't believe I lost everything on that stupid dog fight. That dog had it coming... wait, is that all? What is my name? Where am I? Why can't I see? OH NO AM I BLIND?! Wait, what is that smell? Is that something burning... The man can feel the heat of a thousand ovens beneath him, yet he feels no pain. He lies prone on a red hot slab of blackrock, what you or I would recognize as a Rift Pillar, only this one has been heated by some unknown mean
  5. Clan of the Lost Temple Banner Constructed! On Tuesdays eve, construction was completed on the newest of the Chesapeake shards city banners. The Clan of the Lost Temple Village run by the (COLT) guild is the latest in an ever growing list of emerging communites to recieve town recognition. Guild leaders and interested town citizens were on hand as Mesanna and EM Dudley worked diligently to complete the realms newest addition. Congratulations to the Colt guild and it's new citizens! May the light of the virtues shine upon you all in your new endev
  6. I am almost done with the major overhaul on the Chesapeake Directory with help from all over the community. Thank you all SOOOO much for all the help and support. I hope this directory helps returning and new players on our shard. Now comes the most fun part of making its counterpart directory to UOForums. Both directories on Stratics and UOForums are the same. Whatever is added is done on both. Ive been chatting around and their are a few opinions on the Directory matter. It should go here, it should go there, it should go both and I don't think it should be on uoforums. So I am ad
  7. Saturday "Knight Games" Results! By: Morpheus Marddox The second half of the Knight Games presented by the player city of Silvervale took place on Saturdays eve deep inside the secret cave opened by EM Vladmiere. On tap for the night was the Pet Fighting Competiton, Battle Chicken Lizard Tournament, and Mage Duel. A good crowd was on hand as they matches began to get underway! The nights first bouts were ferocious Cu's! Six beasts vied for the events championship with eventual winner Bear (RBG) taking first place in resound
  8. By: Merik Crafters from Templar Stronghold Village, Guardians Gate and Kijustsu Anei Village came together on Friday evening. The event was created by Prowler Prime Minister of Templar Stronghold Village. It is a shard wide craft fair where anyone is welcome to come. We will make spell books, furniture, weapons and other crafted items. This is to show our love for the community. And give back to the community. Old vet players and young players alike in cooperation with other player towns. Templar Stronghold Village will send 2 of there crafters. This is a united c
  9. Chesapeake Township Summit Queen Dawn's Castle January 31, 2010By: Merik & Sean Silverfoot Township Information Towns were asked to write the information for the Loyalty and Alliances the towns have. Each towns responses have been recorded below for public knowlege. As we all venture into this unknown territory Loyalty and Alliances may be put to the test. City of Guardians Gate Leaders: Daria Blackmoor and Angus Buildings: 42 Location: East of Britain along the road. Coordinates: 43,46N 42,23E Allegiance: To The Crown *Allied with: Silvervale and Al Ellisande* S
  10. Do not buy ANY rolled parchment books at this time. They are being faked and sold by a player on the shard. Do NOT get sucked into this. These are township items. "Scrolls will only be accepted from the Township leader or their appointed ambassador to the Crown."
  11. Blue Light Tavern Closes the Doors Kijustsu Anei Village, Homare-Jima January 31, 2009 By: Merik The Blue Light Tavern has serviced the community for many years. Today its doors have closed. With the constant competition of the Iron Bandit Inn, the Blue Light Tavern did not generate enough profit to keep itself afloat. Bam Bam a long time friend of Lord Gareth offered her establishment as the new home of the Monday and Thursday outings. She also went on to offer a job to all workers of the Blue Light Tavern. This offer was accepted and the BLT began to liquidate its as
  12. (Brought to my attention. Apology to DWxC and the Blue Baracudas team.) THE BLUE BARACUDAS By: Sean Silverfoot Lead by our T-Hunter Juliana [DWxC] as always, the 'CUDAS beat out 3 other teams to capture the 2009 Championship. This night the team consisted of Merilona *V*, CharGar F*V, Merlock DWxC and Nanoc DWxC. Lord Balander then came runnig onto the scene and asked us to follow him once again to help in his quest for the Artifact. Hard battles where faught and won by the group that assembled. We all where gated to the House of Commons afterwards to report on the event. When we left the HO
  13. "The Olive Seed" The door closed with a thud. Lord Balandar's words sat heavily on her shoulders. With the summit less than a week away she felt uneasy with anticipation. Tavalia Zodok shook her head. Her majesty had been most gracious in instructing the Royal Surveyor to erect such monuments. With great gift, however, comes great responsibility. Was the notion of bringing the peoples of this realm together at a single table as outrageous as some had claimed? The Queen's instructions were clear though, and Tavalia had long served the crown. Her eyes fell upon the scroll Lord B
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