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  1. what would you wear as cap as a pvp necro mage?
  2. hello i've got a simple question and you can help for sure. just want to know what is the most useful head artifact for mages in pvp.Someone told me that is the hat of the magi,someone else told me that is the spirit of the totem because spell damage cap is very low,and they already reach that with different tomes. I hope you can help!Sorry for my english bye
  3. to be honest , i never used a rune beetle : p why they're so good? thank you
  4. to be honest , i never used a rune beetle : p why they're so good? thanx
  5. greetings i'm italian so my english isn't so good,but i hope you will undertand this. I'm a new player , wanna try to play a mage tamer template , can someone suggest me if it can work? I'de like to play with this template: 100 animal lore 100 tamming 69.9 magery 120 wrestling 120 resist 80 medit 120 eval int using : nightmare and dragon equip(items that i've got now):hat of the magi,arcane shield,ornament of the magician,1/3 def 15 ring,hp increase leather stats: 105/55/90 suggestions on pvp tactics,equipment and stats would be very appreciated,because i'm still a newbie thanx
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