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  1. I agree with Kayhynn. I've got a "H" shaped marble table and a square shaped table (open center), both made longer using the chopping method, as well as a "marble counter top". You need to lock them down when going into customize mode, or they go poof, other then that they are fine "unlocked"....the tables have been unlocked in my chessy homes for months. Its the same as if you lock down a trophy that is placed, when you go into custom mode it will stay put, if not locked down it returns to deed form in your moving box. Easy way to test this is on the test center, also a good way to prac
  2. What did I do??? I'm innocent I tell ya...Innocent!.......I thought it was just mice in the walls....Yeah....Mice!
  3. Hey! thats my keep...and heck yeah I'd like a copy of that rune!!!
  4. Is your 18x18 full too? If not just move some stuff there while you try the trade. I think its a 7 day waiting period once you place, just click on a house placement tool and it will tell you how long you have left to wait I think. Would Test Center be a way to see if a customizable house could be traded to his account?
  5. Looked like the same colors as seen at west brit farms, the dark blue and light green [olive green maybe?]. They also seemed to auto reveal stealthers. Just went back and slimes are still there, just head west from the entrance. This time I only saw a couple dark blue slimes
  6. [Originally posted by Chariot on LS Forum] Went and checked Exodous and they are in the western room. Thanks to Chariot for posting it first! -H.
  7. I don't mind the ingredients either....I just wish I knew the stuff would end up being used for something so cool before I turned in all my wooden steeds and resolve's bridles for spring cleaning
  8. Sorry, thought it was 2 pheromones...was it 2 hitching ropes (at work atm can't check), and a wooden steed & a pheromone? How many charges do you get? and do they only count for stabling a pet or do you lose a charge when you claim a pet also? Thanks!
  9. Like Farsight said the Fire Rabbits can be found in the center on Mt. Sho on Isamu-Jima :icon_twisted: You kill the wabbits to get animal pheramones, 2 I believe are needed, which are used to make hitching posts. I just got my 4th pheramone so I'm sticking to my original 1 in 20 drop rate. Edit: I just locked down a runebook on the 13th's guildhouse steps. Mt. Sho is the default setting :icon_twisted: (chessy) If you don't have a rune for my home Darth Oni has one locked down in her office in SilverVale. Good Luck!
  10. Congrats on getting the spot! =)
  11. I've gotten 3 so far....I'm guesstimating around 1 in 20-25 range.
  12. You were right, I took my archer last night and did alot better with the corrupted souls ^^ :icon_twisted: If anyone needs some threads of thought let me know. I've got some surplus.
  13. Yes JoaT works for the 15 animal lore. You use the hitching ropes to recharge the hitching posts.
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