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  1. Me and the mom before flying over the pond.
  2. Kimmy

    My Home

    I just got to my new duty station and am in processing post. Bad news is i'm looking a another deployment. really soon.
  3. Kimmy

    My Home

    Ok so they say within 24 hours of (account) activations the houses should refresh. Which is in a few hours. So we will see. I have an account without a house (it already fell *sad panda*) so I can shift the houses.
  4. Kimmy

    My Home

    GM answer is "when it says 'indanger of collapsing' call us imediatly".....
  5. Kimmy

    My Home

    and.... still waiting.
  6. Kimmy

    My Home

    waiting on a GM now
  7. Kimmy

    My Home

    Yes thats me. I finnaly got my accounts activated and am trying to patch. Hopefully i'll be able to log in today.
  8. Kimmy

    My Home

    Just need someone to look next door to the swaggers and tell me if my home is still there or if someone grabed it. If it was taken by a fellow RPer if they would consider giving it back or any of my things
  9. Kimmy

    My Home

    been deployed this whole last year. come back and febuary all my account closed and my billing is all jacked up talked to the supp over the phone they were no help got sent off to the NCO acadamy. Got back one thing after another. trying to find out if it's even worth it coming back. Everything I had was in my homes. Not worth it if it's all gone.
  10. After getting back from deployment my account somehow stopped auto billing and has glitches. I am trying to work it out with these ppl... Is my house next door to VTC still mine? Did it fall?
  11. Looks great. only thing that wrinkled my nose was the VTC guild restrictions.
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