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  1. 120 arch 120 focus 120 anat 100 heal 100 tactics 80chiv 80 bushido...will it be competative or am i wasting time? thanks!
  2. Ah...well..then it really is too bad I am on GL But thank you very much anyways!
  3. Yah..I was half thinking of using the charecter a lot for doom..blighted runs..etc. Thanks everyone for the input! Now I just have to figure out what type of suit would be best to use...any info there? =)
  4. Think the tactics would be better than say the anat? hit more often or what not?
  5. Well the chivalry would be used for enemy of one..consecrate...for damage and what not. Also remove curse
  6. So Im making this charecter to really...just tryin something different. Wont pvp at all..just pvm. This is what I am going for.. 120 magery 100 resist 100 eval 100 med 100 Archery 100 chivarly that leaves 100 skills points to use...cant decide between parry/inscript/ or just spreading the points of going 120 in the other skills..like i said the char is for pvm and rp purposes..just lookin to get some input..what does everyone think/suggest...thanks!
  7. I know your still out there...where are all you great role players!
  8. Anyone out there lookin to try out rp, with a long established and very active guild? Icq me 99323328
  9. Sindaen...have you found a guild you enjoy yet?
  10. I just love how Im NEVER around when things like....million gold checks fall from the sky.
  11. Yes, the players on GL are ridiculous. All out for personal gain..doing nothing to save the city. Only killing light deamons once they have destroyed every damn building possible. EA finally throws us a scenario to play along with..something ACTUALLY interesting...and people only worry about personal gain. Makes me sick. Its bullcrap to get bitched at for hours because your the only one there trying to save the city..while 50 retards stand around complaining. Its a joke.
  12. Why are they flooding the market with cursed arties? Any ideas?
  13. Petra, were you in Vng or just knew who they were?
  14. Whats best to do/hunt for anat gains from 115-120..thanks guys!
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