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  1. It's a small, independent developer that makes games far superior to most of it's mainstream competition on a fraction of the budget. Buy the game. And then give them everything else you own in thanks. Bugger starving children with flies on their eyes. Swedish nerds have need of your custom!
  2. Best game I've played in a long time. And the scariest by far. Well worth buying. Linky: http://www.amnesiagame.com/#main
  3. I didn't realise you were a roleplayer, Mapper. I kind of just figured you personally biassed. Glad to hear that isn't the case. I'll be sure to roll my eyes and tut a whole lot less when next I visit stratics. Seriously, though. Good job.
  4. Minecraft is evil. Got plans? Screw 'em. There's more important things to do, like.. finding the next seam of gold, or.. building the Holywood sign out of snow.
  5. Or quite right. It wouldn't be very realistic (or interesting) if everyone agreed on their borders. States tend to have conflicting territorial claims, which is what I meant about a large Britannia-wide map potentially being over complicated.
  6. That would be a rather complicated map with a great many lines, bold lines, dotted lines, and cross-hatches. Guild specific maps make a little more sense, of which there are several. http://www.grd-europa.co.uk/yew.html http://cove.sugeworld.com/forum/index.php/topic,12560.0.html http://www.uoforums.com/knights-templar/75575-templewood-laws.html http://www.duchyoftrinsic.net/pages/trinsicmap.html Not sure they're all up to date, mind. And the fantastic Trinsic map doesn't really show territory and claims. Just the general area. Pretty, though!
  7. Congratulations on several years of sterling leadership, gentlemen. Escaflowne in particular, has been a constant in the guild and a pillar of stability post-Twothumb. And I've pretty much agreed with everything Hanse has done since ever. Well done, the both of you. I'll be interested to see the direction the new leaders take. With Devante, Rebecca, and Van at the helm, I'm expecting something distinctly piratical, ruthlessly corporate, and/or literally pornocratic - though I suspect that'd be underestimating them. Best of luck to the five of you!
  8. Simple and fitting. Congratulations, and bravo to who ever thought it up.
  9. Can't argue with that. So I won't. :kiss: Glad to hear South Africa are winning against Mexico. But what the deuce are all the plastic horns for? Seem to be everywhere. Edit: Scratch that, it was a draw.
  10. Because I'm lonely? Marvellous. *obscene gesture* Calm down, pet. I can assure you I had my tongue pressed firmly to my cheek. Just.. y'know.. Rugby's better. =) All tosspottery aside, my money would be on Germany, if I had any. England will scrape past the US but will be sent packing early on. Just to be clear; I'm not exactly opposed to the game. Indeed, I've enjoyed it in the past. I just don't like having it thrust upon me every time I turn my TV on, walk down the street, or open a paper. And the players are generally gits.
  11. Pamperred, over-paid, precious little cretins from across the world gathering for their annual prance about a plastic sphere. Hurrah. Wake me next September. >
  12. Ye gods, what's with all these microstates chipping away at Yew's hard-won territory? =) Best of luck to you.
  13. Actually, most of that was me. But don't judge me too harshly! I wasn't even in the game at the time, I just gleaned what I could from IC reports. Though I think the evident bias was intentional, I can't for the life of me recall why. I guess I figured people reading it later on would look on it as the "official" view of history. Written by the victors, and all that. Dunno. You're absolutely free to rewrite it as you see fit. Like the bulk of the pages I started, it's a placeholder more than anything.
  14. Gah. I'd forgotten all about that. Vesperian Civil War - MoongatesWiki I'd only partly written it, and wasn't particularly satisfied (80% needless waffle) with what I had. Plus I figured no one would read it. But you're absolutely right. It's a great idea, it just requires constant contributions, which have ceased of late. Though I don't have the time or will to put into it anymore, I would certainly urge someone to step up and bring everything up-to-date.
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