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  1. EASK Breakdown: Achiever 46.67%, Explorer 73.33%, Killer 40.00%, Socializer 40.00%
  2. we use one...and have never had any problems at all. It's a D-Link
  3. I'm kind of hoping they put this one on the shelves...and perhaps put out a special edition. You know, pretty box, maybe a cloth map, some other goodies. I'd buy. Mostly because this is a huge milestone in UO....I bought the "Special Edition" box of EQ2 and never regretted it once. And I don't even play that gama anymore!
  4. Wow...I've been following this for a while now...and I truely thought that they would come up with a definition that kept Pluto as a planet. I guess not.... Time to change the textbooks! From Space.com: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/060824_planet_definition.html
  5. Hope you feel better soon Tuk! And I hope it's not your appendix and you have to have it out...that would suck.
  6. Yep..for the most part anyway. I still have a few more boxes to to go through. It was ridiculous. I threw out so much stuff! When we bought our house a couple years ago, we (of course) bought a bunch of new stuff to fill it with. Well moving back into a rental property, sure showed how much junk we had! lol! I have to get the last of it unpacked by Friday though, because we are having a BBQ this weekend as a house warming
  7. *hits the 'Mark Forums Read' button* Finally got my computer set up after moving...it's been two weeks and all I can say is.. You guys talk to much!!!!! *laughs* No way I can catch up on all that...
  8. I actually have no idea. We only hooked up with this company last year...and everything was hooked up on time there and, of course, we are in a 5 year contract with them because it's cheaper. It should be based on usage...I guess we'll find out on our first bill. Tefret's bitching got through this afternoon. They will be there tomorrow, but (and I hate when they do this) they can't give us a time so someone has to be there all day to wait. *rolls eyes*
  9. *deep breath* I am extremely frustrated. I don't know why companies are so stupid!!!! Last week, I called and had the electricity and gas turned on at our new house. Or so I thought. The hot water tank went out, so we thought, needs replaced. This week, on Monday we get a plumber. He says, it's all good but your gas is locked out. What?? Ok, I call them from the house and bitch. The woman says she sends in a request. Should go through Monday night or Tuesday. Ok we can deal with that...we don't have to move in until this weekend. We keep checking. No gas. Still locked.
  10. Customer Service and the Privacy Act.... When I tell you to authorize my husband on my account..do it! And when you ask to talk to me, let him give you the phone!!! These people (gas/electric company) actually told us he had to hang up the phone and I had to call them back. Even though he is listed on the contract...grrr "Oh you can't hand the phone to her because of the Privacy Act." Umm what?
  11. On Napa you can pick up Ethy horses for about 400 - 600k, but as said above, it really does depend on the shard and what kind of Ethy you want.
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