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Petals, Potions and Pouches

- - - - - petals potions pouches

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In my opinion, at best equal skills with an item should give a little better then 50/50 chance of winning/curing/removing/whatever, never a guarantee .


Just need to give skills some more lovin' 'cause they've been thoroughly abused.

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Thanks again Maddux!

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Issue addressed. Thank you, I was curious where it would go, and that's what I figured, which brings me back to the point that good game mechanics are built solely upon the skill and stat system for those types of games, items are just the icing on the cake.

edit: <------------off-topic but ph34r muh p3+z!!!!!!11

Interesting Post Quoted (thought I would move it over here):

I would change the way greater cure potions work. As it stands there isn't any difference from 0 ep to 100 ep (I am using 100 as max for my example)

First, lets look at some other potions.

Nitesite: as your ep increases your screen brightness increases

Heal: as your ep increases your hit point recovery increases

Agility/Strength: as your ep incrases the amount of dex/str increaes plus the duration also increases

Invisiblity: As your ep increaes the duration increases

Refresh: as your ep increases the amount of stam recovery increases

Cure: as your ep increases........there isn't any change!

I think as your ep increaes your failure rate to different levels of poison will decrease (or your sucess rate will increaes). For example:

Failure Rate (%) @ 0 ep
level 1 poison: 1
level 2 poison: 10
level 3 poison: 25
level 4 poison: 50
level 5 poison: 75

At 100ep you shouldn't fail any cure attempts. (I am using 100ep as the magic number but it can be any number)

Nox templates would greatly benefit from this.

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