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It is true Gareth has been killed in the city of Dragons Watch a few days ago. This information is just now being made public. He was tracked from the swamps in Guardians Gate to the far side of the other city.




Gareth supporters helped him flee quickly and holding up the party on the road. Words were exchanged on why he was to be arrested when they had no proof. Things heated up when they tryed to take one into custody.




After awhile of word fighting back and fourth. Lord Gareth of PaxOku started to wander. He called Wat The Tyler to him and quickly began made a gate for them to go to. They went to PaxOku then quickly jumped to Dragons Watch. Within Dragons Watch is where they found the Dread Gareth.


Talk did not seem to be a high priority with Gareth of PaxOku. Before anyone knew it Gareth was dead on the ground. Guardians Gate did not want him dead. For some reason Gareth did. Once words went silent they all knew it was done and over with.



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