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The purpose of this forum is to identify something that is broke to you, tell us why it is broke and then how would you fix it. Then everyone else will use the idea presented by Gieschen in the balance thread and play the Devils Advocate.

Here are some ground rules:

1. Be specific about what is broke (ie bods are to random to be of use. Generaliztions aren't useful (ie UO suxxors)

2. Tell us exactly why you feel it is broke (ie I have collected smith bods on six crafters for four years and have never gotten a lbod for anything better then a gold runic)

3. You need to present an idea of how to fix it (ie as the smiths skills go up he should have an increase chance of high end bods and a decrease chance of weapon bods)

4. If you can't do all three. Please wait to post whats broken until you can.

5. Stay with one broken topic at a time. Lets thoroughly exhaust it before the next one is posted and discussed. A topic is finished when there is a consensus by a majority to a solution.

6. There may come a time when some one posts something they feel is broken. When in reality it isn't. Be very sensitive when playing the Devils Advocate stating that the game is working as it is designed (ie 1. PvP skills are over powered 2. My ubber mule dies to all PvPer's. Even newbs 3. Make crafting skills just as deadly as PvP skills. *proper response* "Crafting skills are not intended to compete with PvP skills. It is normal game mechanics for your crafter to die to all PvPers unless you can out run them." *improper response* "What kind of idiot takes a crafter to PvP????? Newbs like you shouldn't even play the game let alone post about it ") Feelings may be wrong but they are still what the person feels

During the course of topics. There may come a time when a solution to one will break one that has already been discussed. If that is the case lets take a minute. Look at the one we just broke with the fixing of the last one and rework them so that they will work together.

Remember if nothing else this forum is to be a mental exercise for an old man. Invite your friends to the discussion. Lets give him a work out

I want to thank Adam for allowing us this forum. It will help keep the ideas in one place and hopefully on track.


Another Quality Job by Atlas607

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