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User Interface FAQ's

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Here you will find answers to the perplexing problems of setting up your first macroes, (2D and KR), server selection, ping responses, etc.

Useful links

[UO:F Common FAQ] [UO Guide] [Official UO Play Guide] [UO Feedback] [More Links, gathered by the Forum]
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Hot Bars - Creating and Using

There is a picture guide located here --> Hot Bars - Creating and Using --- :) which our very own cookie Queen Mum kindly put together

Does anyone know how to have multiple hotbars?


Right click the existing Hotbar and select the New Hotbar option.

You can assign the keys used through right-clicking as well...

Q .
Can you align the hotkey bars vertically?

There is an arrow (hidden of course) on the lower right.

Hot Tips

If you want to change what a button does, you have to right-click and then Remove Item to be able to reassign it




    AKA Thom O'Bedlam. Got a Question? I got a link for ya!

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2D Client Macro's. How to, and what!

Thank you tabbitha for finding these!:headbang: Thank you Merth for the screenies!!:hello2:

Posted Image

Q: I'm trying to make a macro (thru 2d) to re-click gate for my house (or whatever) in my runebook.


If using 2d :
There is no command in the client that allows consistent retargetting of the same target. UOA has this feature.
Method 1:
Set House as Default Rune in Book.

Keep Gate Spell Icon on Desktop.

When ready, dbl-click Gate spell icon and when you get the target, click your book.

Method 2:
1) Set house as default rune
2) set macro for " Cast Spell" in left window, then in right window, scroll down to "Gate", assign a hot key.
3)save macro.

To activate, hit you hot key for gate, and target your rune book.

Q: how do I create a macro to apply bandages to myself while i'm in the middle of fighting?

Q: I m having a problem with this macro. I set it up but it wont work. I have bandages so its not it.What could it be?


I had the same problem and I figured out that the BandageSelf macro requires that you have the "new targetting system" turned on.

The macro probably doesn't work for you because you've turned it off. You can make a new macro like this:

Toggle Targetting system on/off
Toggle Targetting system on/off

That lets you use the BandageSelf macro and have the targetting turned off

In 2d client:
In the macro list in-game, there's one called BandageSelf. Just assign it to an open keystroke and make sure you have bandages in your backpack

You MUST use a bandage from your backpack first time ,only then will macro work each time after.

Click options on your paper doll, then select macro tab(lower left icon in the pic). click add. Assign a key (make sure it is not in use else where), then click down arrow, and scroll to the very end and you should see "Bandage self". Once everything is assigned, click "Apply" and then "ok"

If you haven't used the macro before, you have to doubleclick the first bandage and target yourself. After that, the macro should work fine.

The bandage self macro doesn't work with bandages summoned via talisman.

Macro works fine, just make sure it doesnt clash with another one; including the standard shortcuts.
Posted Image

Useful 2D Macroes

NOTE: All macroes must be saved before you can use them.
NOTE: If you are making a macro that creates a target cursor, ALWAYS use the "wait for target" command if the macro will target self or last target. If not, then you do not have to use this command.

Open Door: Open door allows you to open any door you are facing and with in one tile of without clicking it!!!
SETUP: Go to create macro. Assign a key (I use ctrl +D)
From the drop down in the left window, select "Open Door".
That's it.

Save Desktop: Save desktop is essential. Whenever you create any macroes, rearrange your icons, etc, they do not save until you exit. OR you save desktop. Noone likes setting up a character to crash and have to redo it.
SETUP: Go to create macro. Assign a key. From the drop down menu on the left, scroll near the bottom and select "save desktop".

Show Names of Approaching players This is selectable in options, and can be toggled through macroes. It is important because it lets you see creatures / targets names even before they are in view. An essential part of luring strategy.
SETUP: Go to create macro. Assign a key. From the drop down menu on the left, scroll down near the bottom and select "show names of approaching players".

Last object: Last object allows you to repeat the use of the last object you clicked on. Great for many skills, crafts, mining etc. Unlimited adaptability. The UO macro system does NOT have a way to set a macro to use the SAME object. To do this, you must use UO Assist.
SETUP: Go to create macro. Assign a key. From the drop down menu on the left, scroll partway down to "use last object." Great standalone macro, or used in a chain.

Last Target: This lets you retarget your last target :eusa_doh:. very useful for taming, casting various spells on the same target, mining, etc. Great standalone macro or used in a chain.

Last Target/last object combo: A great example of this is fishing. You double click your pole, click on your target. Then hit you hot key for this macro, and it will do the same over and over! Works great with mining too! If the tool break, double click on the next tool, and off you go.
SETUP: Go to create macro. Assign a key.
1) From the FIRST drop down menu on the left, scroll to "last Object". Select it.
2) Then in the SECOND window, scroll down to "wait for target". This is ESSENTIAL. It is a smart delay macro that wont let the rest of the chan fire until the cursor is up. Great for laggy connections
3) Now, over on the right side of your screen is a little gold arrow. click it to get a third option window to appear.
4) In the third window, get the drop down and select "last target".

All done!

Heal self with spell macro:
Can be used for both chivalry and magery.
1)Go to options, macros. Select new. Select a hot key (I use F2).
2)Select "cast spell" from the lft window. In the right window, scroll down to "heal" or "greater heal".
3)Go to second window, select wait for target
4) Select the arrow to the RIGHT of the screen for more macro windows
5) click on the new macro window and select "target self".
Posted Image

Useful links

[UO:F Common FAQ] [UO Guide] [Official UO Play Guide] [UO Feedback] [More Links, gathered by the Forum]
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