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How to set up equip and unequip macros:

- - - - - equip macros set unequip

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source posted on UO U.Hall

Step 1. Open the macro window and create a new macro.

Step 2. Add "Unequip Items" to the first macro slot.

Step 3. If a menu pops up above the macro window containing icons from the paper doll then skip to step 4. If not then RIGHT CLICK "Unequip Items" in the first macro slot and select "Edit Item" from the drop down menu.

Step 4. Check mark the approprate paper doll slot from the menu. When editing weapon slots make absolutely sure you have the proper slot selected! Two handed weapons go in the shield hand while 1 handed weapons go in the main hand. You can also just check mark both main hand and shield hand if you are using a 2 handed weapon.

Screenshot provided for visual assistance.

Posted Image

Step 4. Place potion or any other object in the second macro slot.

Step 5. Place "Equip Items" in the 3rd macro slot. A new window will pop up above the macro window. If not then see step 3.

Step 6. Place the item you wish reequipped into the first slot on the new window above the macro window. Screenshot provided for visual assistance.

Posted Image

Step 7. Bind macro to a key or place on hotkey bar.

You may also modify this to create a weapon swapping macro. Just leave out the potion and when you get to the reequip part of the macro just put in any weapon you want. You will need to create a separate macro for each individual weapon you want to swap to. It does not matter what weapon you have equipped. This method will automatically unequip any weapon or shield in your hands so long as you have the approprate hand slots selected in the "Unequip Item" slot.




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Oy my head hurts just reading that. Everything in KR seems to make my head hurt, even though I'm really excited about the new graphics! The new interface is harder to get used to than I'd hoped :-/ or, I'm just old.



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I as really hoping for something a little closer to UOAssist. EASY to use. The KR system does do a lot...it just takes a lot to do anything.

Tuka :cool:

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Actually, I noticed that you can switch weapons in KR without first unequipping the weapon already in hand... Handy!



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Actually, I noticed that you can switch weapons in KR without first unequipping the weapon already in hand... Handy!

Sweet! This is what I was hoping for.

I'm assuming you just created a macro or hotkey for a certain weapon and it automatically unequips what you already have in hand to equip the new weapon?

My question about the OP is: (or anyone that tried doing this macro)

Does doing this work like "equiplastweapon" macro in 2D or does it have to go through the motions and wait for the game to unequip/equip (like UOA has the "Waiting to complete action" or whatever when re-equipping stuff).

Posted Image

Thanks again Maddux!

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