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Jeremey, Please open the Private Beta Forum

- - - - - beta forum jeremey open private

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Not that the NDA is lifted how about opening the closed private beta forum so we can see if there are any work arounds or instructions on how to do things in the new client. thanks


People post differently under a highly closed forum to an open one, and may well have felt safe to divulge personal information they would have otherwise kept secret, or would have posted in a manner unlike themselves.

As such, I think any useful guides are more likely to be reposted here, and that way they'd be easier to find, too.

If you really are in need of instructions on how to do things in the new client, remember that Jeremy asked us to file any such confusion as a bug report. If you can't figure it out, new players can't.


The internal forums are actually under their own NDA - we won't be making them visible. Most of the current complaints have been duplicated here within the last 24 hours, so there really isn't anything there that isn't here.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
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Remember everyone this is BETA.

ANY And all questions you need to post ,are considered as a BUG.

We are classed as ' new players ' of the new client,and therefore anything we need help with is a matter of concenrn to the dev's.

So post away for discussion by all means,but please dont forget to copy paste your post into a Feedback Form and whisk it off to them





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ok.. like jeremy said.. there is nothing there that hasnt been posted in uhall with in the past couple days..

its not some super secret cult with ritualistic means of keeping KR from crapping more then a toddler on prunes..

there are no work arounds... the hints and tips have been copied to other forums...

nothing to see there.. seriously

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