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Easy Ways to raise Int/Dex/Str

- - - - - easy int or dex or str raise ways

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    of Smeg

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Well, working INT, i kinda went past the point i wanted too. Now i messed up my mages dex (has 18 now). So what are some easy ways for me to get my dex back up?

But also looking for other ways to raise INT & STR.

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Good question. I believe they have now changed how stat gains work. Each skill will have a primary and secondary stat. You will have a 75% chance to raise the primary and 25% to raise secondary. So set your Intel to go down and find a skill that will raise the stat you want. Please remember no stat will go down until you reach your stat cap :-/


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I don't think those changes are on production shards yet? Only on test center.

The old way (until the changes go live!) - it was random, and as long as you have the stat locks set appropriately, using any skill has a change to raise the up stat (assuming you have room in your stat cap, or another stat marked down). I think you can gain a stat point once every 15 minutes. Max 12 points per day (thx ben!). And you have to have at least one skill arrow marked up (even if you're GM'd in it).

The new way on TC now:
Publish to TC1
Jeremy Dalberg
17 May 2007 20:43:37 EST

Test Center 1 has been published with the following:

The stat gain system has changed on all non-Siege Perilous ruleset shards:

- Only when a player character advances in a skill or is at the skill cap for that skill, he/she may gain a stat point.

- All skills now have a primary and secondary stat. The primary stat will rise 75% of the time. The secondary stat will rise 25% of the time. If the primary stat is not set to “gain”, the secondary stat will be chosen. If the primary and secondary stats are both locked or set to “decrease”, neither stat will rise.

Note: If a stat is at the maximum individual stat cap of 125 and is not locked, it can be chosen, but it will not rise.

- The chance that a stat will increase on any given skill gain is 1 in 20.

- Purchasing skill training from an NPC will not raise stats.

- There is no longer a cap on how many stat points you can gain in any given time period

Source: http://uo.stratics.c...179548559,85851,



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Currently you can only gain 12 stat points per day
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