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PaxLair-wide Weekly Meetings Starting Soon Again

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Hail Everyone,


We've had several months without PaxLair Statehood (PaxLair-wide) meetings in the Realm. It's the opinion of several of our esteemed colleagues to re-start these weekly meetings once again. I agree.


Meetings will be on Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET. Everyone in the Realm is invited.


The first new meeting may be on June 5 or June 12, depending on schedules and interest.



Old Agenda: In our meetings we HAD the following agenda:

  • Introductions of new people and visitors

  • Ceremonies (if any)

  • Report: From the Governor of PaxLair

  • Report: Ministers of PaxLair

City Reports (in some random order at each meeting):
  • Report: Dragons Watch Mayor

  • Report: PaxLair City Mayor

  • Report: PaxOku Mayor

  • Report: PaxLane Mayor

  • Report: Port Baldmor Mayor

Additional Information:
  • Activities Schedule and Open Announcements

  • Adjourn

Should we keep the same meeting agenda?



I'd like to explore the following timeline for Tuesday nights:


8:30-9:00 PM ET - Pre-meeting Gathering. Offer one or more of:

  • Pub Hangout (hospitality)
  • Short adventure in the area of the city (fish nets, T-maps, combat practice, etc.)
  • Story-telling
  • Bagball Match
  • Market Faire

9:00-9:45 PM ET - Meeting

  • Held to 45 Minutes maximum (ending at 9:45 PM ET)

10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting Activity

  • Adventure, Quest, War, Market Faire, Guild Recruitment, Parade, etc.

What does everyone think about all this? Can it work?


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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Guest Taltos the Elder

Hail Winfield,


I think the time line you've suggested looks good. I like the idea of keeping the actual "meeting" part short and to the point.


Personally I feel that the pre-meeting gathering should be limited to a Pub Hangout/meet and greet kind of affair, thereby avoiding the possibility of an actual mini-event running too long.


Obviously only my opinion.


I remain,


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Good point Taltos. I also fear a pre-meeting event might run long and delay the start of the meeting. So we should keep that simple and can be ended just before 9 PM ET.


We are known to start and end meetings on time, which is what I'd like to continued.


The pre-meeting activity is to help get people to the meeting BEFORE the meeting starts so we do not have a delay. Time is valuable to everyone.





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Aye keep it limted to the tavern. Also the tavern can host an inhouse event that can end at anytime.


Dart Tourny

Comedy Night

Short Story telling



Small things like that. Guess it would be up to the taverns to be creative in the small events before the meeting.

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Yes, it would be up to each City to host and publicize the pre-meeting event.


I will publicize the main meeting (on forums, calendars, etc.)


Then each City can also host and publicize the longer post-meeting event too.


So creativity by each City will be the key to generate interest in the pre- and post- meeting activities, which will help the PaxLair meetings AND each City.

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I have started the "Weekly PaxLair Meetings" page with quite a bit of information. Please look here. We are preparing for our first meeting in quite some time. It will be held on June 5th. The location is still being arranged.


Please provide comments.


Our goal is to have a fast and worthwhile weekly meeting with pre- and post-meeting activities. The locations of the meetings will vary from week to week. I will select the locations and the hosts for each week's meeting. The meetings might not always be in cities of PaxLair so we may enjoy other locations around the Realm, perhaps even hold a meeting in a dungeon or unique place on Chesapeake.


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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We are still scheduled to hold our PaxLair-wide meeting on June 5th at 8:30 PM ET (the pre-meeting activity) with the meeting at 9 PM ET. I am currently coordinating with our cities on the meeting location for June 5th.

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June 5th Weekly PaxLair Meeting will be held in PaxOku Tokuno. Pre-meeting activity is at 8:30 PM ET, with meeting at 9PM ET.


Several important announcements will be made, so you don't want to miss the meeting.

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This is not a complete meeting report. I will hopefully publish something more extensive in the PaxLair News soon, and other reporters were also in the audience (*smiles at and thanks Sebrina for coming*).


It was an exceptional meeting tonight (June 5, 2007) in PaxOku!! We had reports from Dragons Watch and PaxOku. We also learned more about the Candle of Love from Katherine. Can we light the Candle on Felucca? Hmmm.


On a more somber note, Mayor Tatania of PaxOku will resign as mayor on June 19th. We all wish her Dragonspeed in her search for Caius, her brother. She plans to return to PaxOku again in the future. Deputy Mayor Gareth is nominated to be the next Mayor of PaxOku, ceremony to be held on June 19th in PaxOku.


We had several introductions and saw old and new friends.


We did not have a Special Guest speaker tonight. We hope to have them in the future.


The next meeting location will be announced on the various calendars. I will personally be on an unavoidable fishing trip for the next meeting on June 12th, but the meeting will be held and I will announce it.


Thanks to all who attended and please keep up the spirit you generate in the Realm every day!!


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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