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What if invisibility to players didn't work in Tram rules?

- - - - - invisibility players rules tram work

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source taken from UO U.Hall

It seems that I'm reading a number of posts lately about possible scripting/exploiting making heavy use of invisibility/hiding to attempt to cloak their activities.

What would people think of turning off invisibility to other players in Tram rulesets? (character turns grey just as you appear to yourself and wouldn't be targetable)

Or are there worthwhile uses of invisibility-to-players in Tram rulesets? ( other than surprise parties )


Well, while I would love to be able to target players that i know are scripting, it opens up a whole new can of worms for Griefing those that are simply just "hiding"...Believe me, I would love to actually Target the player(s) at Luna bank that fills bods all day and night...



I sometimes hides when my 3 year old son needs attention fast, but still only for a few sec or a min. Not knowing what he might have done, choking or what it has to be a fast leaving of UO. Don't want the fuzz of logging in, logging out.

Nor do I want some griefers screaming or even thinking I'm an AFK'er doing something to gain a skill if I don't reply. Usually I use hide when in a public place to let my character be left alone. If I'm in house I simply rush off leaving my character to stand there until I return.


While this would help to target scripters and griefers, it would remove some possibilities of fun, of privacy too. Just like an invinsible list on ICQ/MSN.
Also war guilds shouldn't be able to see each other while invisible.


I understand what you saying, but it will kill of a whole system.

What we need is the dev team get their but of and fix the hiding isiu totaly.

Why are we able to lumberjack, mining, crafting and a few more activetys.

The only skills that should work while invisible is in my opinion
1 snooping
2 detect
3 remove trap
4 pick locks
5 skills such as eval, lore and other that just check a status.

As you see it is all aming to rogue skills


I would rather have activities un-hide players, such as mining and lumberjacking.


I Couldn't agree more -
Rouge and Ninja type activites would naturally be something that steath must rely on - but lumberjacking ? Mining? doing this while Hiding? I'd much rather see that sorta activty have a HIGH chance of blowing the whole stealth test.

So would that really be a case of insanity with the Nerf stick in the name of gameplay and anti-cheat?

Guess if i used a stealth mule i might hate it.

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*glares at Cathat while stealthily mining under the ancient wyrm's nose*

I have GM stealther/miner/blacksmiths on four shards, dang it all. As an old vet from the fel days when most sane craftsmen had hiding - I object. I could see perhaps in trammel, but please don't make my craftsmen even easier targets in fel. Hmmmm quadruple resources anyone?!

Even then though, I've found some very nice hardly used valorite and gold spots in trammel dungeons.. scripters don't like them but I sure do. Since most scripters I see don't even bother hiding, I question the effectiveness of this fix anyhow.




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Even then though, I've found some very nice hardly used valorite and gold spots in trammel dungeons.. scripters don't like them but I sure do. Since most scripters I see don't even bother hiding, I question the effectiveness of this fix anyhow.

*nods in agreement*
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John Dell

John Dell


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I can hear it now.. the whole RP community chanting boo hiss.. oh the grief!

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Oh I'm sure there'll be a lot of booo hissss, but being a trammie, I would hate to lose invis in the tram ruleset as I frequently use it when I'm hunting with my pets and my guild....especially when I find myself somewhere I shouldn't be *grins*




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I use it a lot in Tram too. It's pretty much a huge skill if you are a tamer.



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Don't think they should change it. Probably just need more GMs with better tactics at finding/responding to scripter pages.

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Thanks again Maddux!

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I use hiding alot in tram for spying on RPers ;) meep

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