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Jillian in New Haven [ bug ]

- - - - - bug haven jillian

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source taken from Issues with Jillian the Scribe in New Haven


When I try to train Inscription with Jillian in New Haven (ATL) she is only giving me 1 point at a time (asking for smaller amounts of gold -- to train 1 point at time -- instead of the full 40pts.).
I went to Skara and trained with a scribe there, and it worked fine there (raised to the maximum amount trainable).
Hubby had the same issue as well.

I'm sorry if this has been brought up before, I couldn't find anything regarding Jillian (except her reward).



It's a bug that is related to the enhanced inscription gains in that area.


I had the same thing happen to me with the new girl I made.

So if you start a new character with 1000 gold pieces and give
Jillian 332 for skill increase and she takes it and gives you 1 point.
Then you go down stairs and buy it again from the mage for 331 to
get your full amount due you. Then I went back up stairs and bought
the scribes pen from the scribe and they wouldnt work, they were

Think about the new person that makes a character that doesnt
have anyone to help out with funds or supplies.
By the time I got the skill and pens that didnt work I was left with
almost no funds to buy blank scrolls with to raise inscription.
The new person would be broke with no supplies to build their skills.
Just a couple bugs in one building...


Yah, we're aware - fix is in the next publish, I believe.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


Howdy All,

This has been fixed interally; however, this fix won't go in the next publish, but the one shortly ™ after that.


Patrick "Leurocian" Malott
Game Designer, Ultima Online
EA Mythic


"shortly" "soon" "on the radar". Do you guys have any idea how tired we get of hearing that? lol Probably as tired as you are of saying it.

Oh I understand perfectly. But here's the dark of the situation.

I know that we are tentatively going to publish this week. The fix recited in this thread won't make it this week. However, I do know there are tentative plans next week to publish again mid month. This would be the publish that contains the recited fix in this thread.

However, if I were to post what I just did....Oh wait. I just posted that. Nevermind....What if those plans change, and I'm no longer correct?

You all will say...But Leurocian PROMISED!!!

This is the reason we are hesitant on giving exact dates for publishes, because they can change.

Patrick "Leurocian" Malott
Game Designer, Ultima Online
EA Mythic


While waiting for the fix, just think of it as a wizard's clever puzzle ... can you figure out that there are two mages downstairs who also train inscription


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