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Arms Lore Armor Bonus Thread El Numero Dos!

- - - - - armor arms bonus dos el lore numero thread

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source taken from http://boards.strati...&selv=&vwhich='> UO Siege Perilous

As the 'other ' thread was locked Wilki started another regarding this topic.


Hopefully arguing doesn't get this one locked :-)

After running some numbers and reading your posts in the other thread, we decided to up the bonus on Siege to arms lore skill / 12.5. This means that for every 12.5 points of Arms Lore skill you'll get an extra point of resist, for a maximum of 8 resist per piece at GM Arms Lore. If everything passes QA, you should see the change in one of the upcoming publishes. (Once it's approved, Jeremy will add it to a changelist on uo.com, so keep an eye out!)

As for blessed items, that is something else we'd like to address, but that's a change that is going to require a bit more thought to what exactly it is we want to do. Since we wanted to get this Arms Lore bump out there ASAP, any blessed item solution (if any) will have to come a bit later.

We're very interested in hearing what you think of this change, especially once it gets published and you have a chance to try it out and run around with some new crafted armor.

Thank you again for all of your responses in the other thread!

Wilki_EA UO Designer


Although I think +1 per 12.5 is too low (+1 per 10 seemed to be the optimum) I really think his is a step in the right direction. If you make this permanent I think the following would be needed:

Allow the bonus to be stacked with runics

Make the bonus 1 per +10 for non medable armor and allow it to stack with runics

Make the "Mage Armor" property something you can only get from a high level runic (vertie/valorite)


I just went over and confirmed this with Leurocian: The Arms Lore Bonus does stack with runic bonuses, but ONLY if it's an exceptional item.

As for differentiation in the bonus amount for medable and non-medable armor, that's a change that is considerably outside of the scope of a Siege specific change. Addressing the whole med vs. non-med armor, the fact that softer armor is just as protective as plate, etc, is something we'd apply to the whole game, and would take much longer to do properly (both in the design phase as well as actually coding it).

Right now, we're looking to address the blessed item situation, and provide a bit of a boost to the arms lore resist bonus.

Wilki_EA UO Designer


Well, that effectively addresses higher resists...but it doesn't really do anything for armor crafting in general, and balance among armor types, to make some more viable, which was something I personally had hoped for - killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

Still, if what you describe is what we can have, it is far better than what we had before, and even better than what we have now since publish 44. At least it will mean people can actually be competitive in leather armor while mostly ignoring other armor types.

Thank you for listening to us, and giving the update.


what about the non meddable armor like metal, wood etc, no plans to stop them being worthless?


non-meddable armor is plenty useful since you can now craft it with competitive resists using high end ingot types and barbed bone will be useful too.

The notion that the armor some how becomes useless is false... its just that those who can use it can now decide if they want to use it or if they don't... it's up to the player to decide what they want to wear... and that's pretty sweet.

That is all I will say on this... other than THANK YOU Wilki!


I agree with this 100%. While the change to arms lore is definitley welcome,there is still more that needs to be done to really 'fix' things. This isn't siege specific either. This is gamewide. Platemail, chainmail, wooden armor - they all suffer penalties while offering no real tradeoff bonuses.

Nonmeddable/difficulty to hide armor still gives the same resists as alot of leather? Why is the only thing I can say. If you're wearing heavier amour, and makign some sort of tradeoff, which penalizes you in some form, you should gain something for it right? Right. Increased resists for wood/chain/plate needs to happen at some point as well. As it stands, game wide, the only 'viable' armor is leather, and personally I think that is ridiculous. I quit playing the game 5-6 years ago. back then I stocked my vendor with about 10 different chain suit sets of 3 differnet colors each, and the same amount of platemail sets. Over the weekend, those sold out like hot cakes.

There is a reason they dont sell anymore and why they aren't worn.

This needs to be addressed.


I am speachless over the attention that siege is recieving at the moment.

Thanks for looking into our shard, we all appreciate the effort.


we decided to up the bonus on Siege to arms lore skill / 12.5.

I'm sorry to always bother you, but I'd like to know if this decision will be applied to Mugen too, because EAJ doesn't post about it before Jeremy posts it on uoherald.com.


Yes. Siege and Mugen both will receive this arms lore bonus.

Leurocian VIP
Ultima Online Designer



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