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The murderer tries again...

- - - - - murderer

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She had enjoyed her kill the other, and with a taste for blood she went hunting again. Wearing just a fancy dress, riding an ethy unicorn and holding a handfull of regents she headed off to find a victim.

She stealthed everywhere, dungeons, champion spawns, mining spots. She had managed to slay 2 miners but that was all. Not the glorious kills she wanted, but they were kills none the less.

She went hunting cyclops in despise, hoping to farm a bit of gold, and maybe see when champers pass by on the way to the alter.

When she got there, she found piles of cyclops and titans corpses. Intrigued she stealthed around looking for the slayer of these giants. She found him within a few minutes. She watched as he danced between the single eyed beasts slaying them without barely breaking a sweat. She watched his health wondering if she should make a try at a kill. While pondering wether or not to attack she observed a few things. This character did not have much fame. His armour and weapons wernt that great, minor artifacts at best. She decided this man wasnt as powerfull as some of feluccas inhabitants.

She stalked him around as he darted about killing the beasts untill a moment arose. 3 cyclops appeared near him at once. His health dropped dramaticaly, he felled one giant, ran a few feet away with a tiny amount of life left in him. She sized the opporunity, firing of a strangle followed by a poison strike, he nearly died of that alone, she began casting pain spike to finish him off, he ran! Heart pounding she tried to take chase, mounting her unicorn she sprinted after him. Her prey shot through hordes of ettins, she crashed after him as fast as she could but she just wasnt fast enough. Red names suddenly appeared on her screen, the man within secounds they had killed her target.

She turned to run and hide. Being targetted by god knows how many ogre lords, trolls and ettins there was no way she was going to be able to hide. She ran her hardest, doubling back on herself in the loop where the cyclops and titans are. The reds fell for it, she belted back through the tunnels of ettins, trolls and ogre lords once again. She could feel the blood coarsing through her veins she was running so hard!

She saw a the set of steps up to the next level of ettins and earth eles, she made a bee line for it not seeing any reds around, she just had to get through the next floor! She got to the top of the steps to be greeted by 3 red casting wither over a blue. The blue's corpse was falling to the ground as she tried to run past them.

She didnt count however, on the tight squeeze through the single tile part of the cavern. 2 ettins stood blocking her path. The three reds cast thier spells and slaughterd her. Looting her they ran downstairs letting out war crys as they left.

Some time later, a healer had raised her from the dead, and she was sitting in a healers home pondering the events of the night.

Miners were easy kills. No satisfaction in it.

But the warrior... now he would have been a glorious kill....

She had died, she had lost her prey to another, she had lost her regents. Was she annoyed? certainly not. She learnt something tonight.

When the three cyclops spawned around her prey she was fully expecting his health to drop. She knew the odds were he would have to run. At that moment she should have mounted her unicorn. The pain spike would have killed him, but he was just out of range. He wouldnt have been if she was mounted herself. This was her lesson, she needed to be more more on the ball when an opportunity arose. It was so obvious a chance was coming up, she now knew if the situation ever comes up again, she should mount up, or get ready with a bola. Yes she had learnt something tonight.

She lay back on the healers bed, closing her eyes to sleep, dreaming of what murders she may perform another day.....