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Strange things reported in Haven [IC report ]

- - - - - haven ic report reported strange things

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I received a report early this morning,which took me earlier than I had intended to the town of Haven.As you will read in my report on last evenings meeting * with a member of Havens guard,it was intended for me to travel with you,but now I have gone on ahead.

Report from Haven, east of the island.

On arriving at the moongate I immediately noticed,a lack of the predators that usually lie in wait for the unsuspecting new travellers to the townPosted Imagebut undeterred I travelled on to town.

I headed straight for the east side of the island,where I had been told were several strange buildings and occurrences.

The first thing to catch my eye whilst riding around was some odd circle of stones with what looked like a pile of dead wood inside.

A ritual pyre of some sort?

Who knows.

I saw nothing else strange but a few very nice features I quickly sketched for a record of my journey.

I spent a little time in silent meditation at an ankh I found,before moving further south of the Island.

Posted Image

I hadnt gone too far along the coast,when a cloud of black smoke loomed on the skyline before me .

As I galloped nearer,the acrid smell of burning flesh,hit my nostrils.

I had smelt it often before,when tending anyone with burns from a Necroamntic spell .

It was a smell one never forgot,it being unique to that of burning skin.

To my dismay it was not too long before I came across a small boat in flames not far from the edge of the water.

Hurrying to see if I could do anythinjg,I saw the remains of a burnt corpse.Barely any flesh remained on its bones,confirming my suspicions as to necromancy being the probable source of the crime.

I spoke a silent prayer for the soul of the dead who lay on the boat and pressed on.

Posted Image

A loud crackling caught my attention before too long,and as I rode a little inland to see,I came upon what could only be described as a 'living' block of granite rock.

I stood there trembling slightly as I watched the 'blazing boulder' flickering as it seemed to move in its own protected energy field.

I wondered wether to flee for my life and warn others,but knew this might be my only chance to find the hidden mine.It must be near here some where ?

I didnt have much more ground to cover,as I could see the end of the island .I fought my way through the trees and knocked out of the way the few problematic spiders and such that screeched as I rode through the undergrowth of the dense trees and bushes.

I smelt the salt of the sea, and was enjoying the breeze blowing against my face.

Suddenly a light so bright flashed beyond the trees.

Dismounting i led my steed behind me as I inched forward to see what was before me.

Creeping as quietly as possible I peered toward the light but could make little out till I reached the clearing.

I saw no signs of humans,so I continued to exit the clearing until ................THERE it stood

A HUGE beacon of light encased in some sort of tower.

I grabbed a parchment from my bag,and began to sketch as quickly as I could.

I didnt feel right being here ,some thing was making me very uneasy.

Suddenly the huge dome of light began to shimmer,slightly at first then bigger like some huge pulsating energy force.

My parchment slid from my hands.

I tried to catch it in vain before it fluttered down to the ground.

It took only one second for me to think to dismount to retrieve it ,to changing my mind,and turning on my heels .

Steering my mount towards the bridge I galloped as hard as I could.

Some thing was very wrong here and I was not about to hang around alone,to see the outcome........

Scribed by Lady Tabbitha

Britannian date: Jan 18, 362


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