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Blackrock = scripters ...[waved bye bye by Draconi's own script ..Tabbitha]

- - - - - blackrock bye draconi script scripters tabbitha waved

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source UO U.Hall

I liked all this blackrock event, but once again, the scripters get the biggest benefits in a poorly executed event.

First of all, it was nice to let people mine a day or 2 extra at the motherloade, can't really script that with the elementals and all. I do however think, that GM's should have been around once in a while, because of different exploits used, boats among other things.

The mining of blackrock should have stopped at the same time as the motherloade, the true winners here is the scripters as usual. I'm surprised, with all the scripting problems we already have, that nobody at EA thought about this.


pfft i've mined small pieces of black rock and didn't spend 24/7 mining so you don't need to be a scripter to mine.

mining black rock is just a chance...I got lucky and didn't get any blackrock ellies but I heard of a few that did.



What if there was a limit on the amount of times you could use a skill in one day? I wonder if this would help slow/stop scripting? And, there was never a doubt in my mind that the scripters would be out in force for this event. Too bad, but predictable. If we had GM's worth a darn we could really cause some damage to the scripters.


Comunity collections = Scripters
Bod collectors = Scripters
Heartwood craftign Quests = Scripters
Gold Farming = Scripters
hard core pvp = Scripters
Champ raiders = Scripters
Raising skills = Scripters
Resource collectors = Scripters

Yes looks like EA rox making scripters heavens.
They dont Need Punkbuster just a bit of something called Imagination....


Draconi_EA UO Designer
Master of Disaster

blackrock != scripters

blackrock_elementals > scripters

if (player.getBlackrock())
if (supersecretfunctionfordecidingchanceofdoom(player))




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This is all EA's way of finding scripters. They figured it was too difficult to track them all down, so they did this BR turn-in so the scripters could turn themselves in.

Posted Image

Thanks again Maddux!

Adri: women don't discuss men while in the bathroom, we sacrifice small animals and smoke tampons *rolls eyes*

Adam: aye and in order to expedite the production of solidiers, i kill off the old people (Carp was right, Adam IS evil!)



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This is all EA's way of finding scripters. They figured it was too difficult to track them all down, so they did this BR turn-in so the scripters could turn themselves in.

LOL brilliant!!

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