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FoF: Fear and Foreboding (27 Apr 2007)

- - - - - 2007 27 apr fear fof foreboding

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Posted on UOHerald.com

FoF: Fear and Foreboding
Jeremy Dalberg
27 Apr 2007 21:45:23 EST

This week's Five on Friday has info on the Dread Spider, the Dread Flute, the dread blackrock and more!


April 27, 2007

"With this KR-related patch date changing so much, does this mean the actual KR release date has changed?"[/COLOR]

Yes, somewhat. Our current target rather pushes the definition of "spring" - but not by much. And that’s only our official release date - beta will definitely be in "large-scale" mode well before that, so many, many people will get to try it out on their regular servers. This change is not a bad thing by any means - we’ll be using the time to polish and perfect KR, so we give you the best possible product.


"How do you mine up blackrock?"

While blackrock has been found in small amounts anywhere that ore can be mined, it requires utmost skill to extract it in usable amounts. Only a Grandmaster Miner would have the skill to retrieve blackrock from ordinary ore veins. Also, beware - mining blackrock is a dangerous profession, as Blackrock Elementals are often attracted to the area...


"What's with Dread Spiders?"

This one is totally my fault - it got left out of the patch notes, I totally planned to post about it, and it slipped my mind... like six times. Anyway, least said soonest mended: here's the patch note regarding Dread Spiders that should have gone in to this changelist:

- Balancing changes were made to the Dread Spider that make it more appropriately dreadful


"What exactly are the specifices on the dread flute?"

Leurocian, Traveling Bard, looked it up, and the Dread Flute is a regular instrument that is self-recharging - it can hold up to 700 charges.


"Is there a way to recharge the old school items (armour and weapons) that have charges on them?"

Specifically, items like bear masks with invisibility on them, etc - the answer is no. Items that have properties that don't spawn anymore (and how many staves of Item ID do I have hanging around in my bank?) are rare items and, once used up, can't be recharged.


KR Beta Picture of the Week

Missed this feature last week - apologies, all! This week we show off one of the brand-new capabilities of the Kingdom Reborn client. I present to you... One Particle Effect to Rule Them All.



3D Client Update:

Well, clearly we didn't make our target of "this week." We've readjusted our aim for Monday the 30th, and we should be able to post official announcements tomorrow if we're going to go forward with Monday. The patch will involve substantial downtime, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements.


Chicago Town Hall
No rest for the wicked - the Chicago Town Hall Meeting approaches. This one makes me more nervous than usual, because not only will I be getting up on stage in front of y'all, but my parents will be watching as well :) RSVP now to join that august company!


Only a few more days to participate in the Feedback Beta Contest! This month is a fair bit slower than last month, so your chances of winning are *much* better. Send in your feedback here for a chance at a KR beta slot!

Forms submitted must be received before midnight, April 30 (CDT) in order to be eligible. Spam will be deleted, and while "I want a beta slot" is feedback, of a sort, it's not what we're looking for. Pick a topic and tell me how you feel about it - balance, crafting, PvP, whatever. Make a suggestion, a complaint, a rant - whatever is on your mind.


Fansite News:

If you missed the Philly Town Hall for whatever reason UO Radio graciously provided us with a recording of their live feed - get it here!


Busy week as usual! Have a great weekend, and remember - if you ever have questions that you'd like to see answered in the Five on Friday, submit them through the Feedback tool.

- Jeremy



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That has got to be one of the worst screenshots I have ever seen, in any game. I hope my screen doesn't do that very often.

Tuka :cool:

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Oh my giddy aunt !!!!!!!!!!! lol


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