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This has been a big talk on Stratics for a couple days...I thought I'd share...

If you had a lot of money...and had $50,000 US to spend, would you buy this? This guy made a post selling his account....the post looked like this:

Name : Nails Warstein
Shard : Catskills
Location : South of Vesper (Bank Bridge)
Establishment : Necromonger of Rares (Catskills’ Sect)
Price 50,000 USD Cash only, Owner will contact method of payment. No gold sorry. It comes with the largest rare collection in history of all UO. Plus an account with Vesper Guard Zone Castle

Leave your ICQ below if your interested. MIght be a group investment. This adds up to incredible amounts of stuff.

Server Birth:

A Tattered Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map somewhere in Illshenar
A Tattered Deviously Drawn Treasure Map somewhere in Illshenar x 5
A Tattered Plainly Drawn Treasure Map somewhere in Illshenar
Belt Pouch
Blood Spawn x 2
Bloody Bowl
Bloody Bandages x 2
Brimstone x 2
Ceramic Mug
Champ Idol Statue
Checkers – Red & Black
Chess – White & Black
Connected Bottles of Liquor
Connected Bottles of Wine
Covered Chair East
Covered Chair South
Deck of Cards
Dirty Pan
Dirty Pot
Dragon’s Blood
Empty Basin
Empty Vials
Eye of Newt x 2
Fallen Broken Chair (South)
Flickering Hanging Lantern x 2
Flour Sifter
Golden Goblet
Hand of Cards
Hour Glass
Large Diamond x 2
Large Pot
Magic Door
Magic Key
Map facing E-W
Molding Board
Music Stand With Sheets
Open Book
Pile of Skulls x 2
Pile of Skulls Different Graphic
Plate of Food
Playing Cards Two Hands
Plough Both Pieces
Pot – Small & Big
Pot of Wax
Portrait – Lady in Red
Purple Bong Bottle
Rack of Canvass x 2 (one facing South and one facing East)
Sheet Music
Ship Model x 3
Skinned Deer
Skinned Goat
Skull with Candle x 2
Small Bucket x 2
Stacked Boards
Stacked Logs
Standing Broken Chair (North)
Tarot Cards in a Circle
Thin Hay x 2
Unlit Skull Candle x 2
Wall Carving
Wash Basin
Wooden Pitcher
Wyrm’s Heart

Event Items:

1st Clue Book x 2
2nd Place Grand Tourney Silver Pixie Statue
3rd Place Death Knight Tourney 2005
3rd Place Grand Tourney Bronze Pixie Statue
A Bottle Of Yew Wine
A Container Filled of Dark Power From Umbra University
A Container of Dark Energy From Umbra University
A Crossbow Made by Blaise Pascal [Exceptional]
A Crude Bracelet with Several Inky Black Gems
A Damaged Dragon Brain
A Damaged Poison Sac
A Fey Lute
A Flute Carved From Bone
A Gargoyle’s Pickaxe (Blaze)
A Heavy Crossbow Made by Blaise Pascal [Exceptional]
A Jug Of Ewan’s Cider
A Jukan Ceremonial Kantana
A Leather Bound Atlas Marked With Patrol Routs
A Lifelike Carving Of Tal’Keesh
A Necklace Set With Carvings Of Strange Beasts That Appear To Be Writhing About The Band
A Necromancer Shroud
A Piece of Tattered Mummy’s Wrappings
A Purple Dragon Scale
A Scale of Tal’Keesh
A Sharpened Stick
A Siege Winch
A Tattered Mercaerin Cloak
A Tattered Painting
A Tattered Piece of Clainin’s Robe
An Ancient Golden Scepter
An Ebony Staff Set With Intricate Carvings
An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak +5 Stealth
An Evil Orc Helm
An Infectious Spear
Acolyte Of Ocrmfg Ocig
Acolyte Of Relvinian
Ancient Tome Of Knowledge
Apron Crafted By Relvinian
Arcane Tome
Armor Of The Headless Horseman (Chest)
Armor Of The Horseman (Leggings)
Avenger’s Hellbearte
Beginning Necromancy, A Guide To The Dark Arts, By DingoGroton
Blaze Fish
Blaze Gargoyle’s Pickaxe
Blood Drenched War Drum
Blood Pact
Bloodstained Tunic
Blunt Gorget of Endurance
Bog Creature’s Skin Robe
Bones From A Failed Experiment
Bowl of Crane Soup
Bronze Clockwork Chicken
Burning Wood Fragments
Cabalist’s Staff
Captain James’ Hat
Cannon Balls stacked in a pile
Cebo Champion Stealing Contest Shroud +10 Stealing +10 Stealth
Champion Archer - First Place
Champion Death Knight
Champion Craftsman Contest Shroud
Citadel Mercenary Hood
City Map
Cloak Of Minax
Coded Schematics
Corporal Of The Royal Britannian Guard Sash
Crown of Tal’Keesh
Crude Corroded Manacles x 2
Crude Orcish Axe
Crying of Dead Baby Ring
Daemon Scale
Dark Crystal Shard
Death Knight Tourney Entry Token
Demon Hide x 2
Disciple Of Relvinian Robe
Diseased Unicorn Statue
DrauG NainnatirB LayoR Eht Fo RebmeM (Sash)
Dryad Sandals
Enchanted Valorite Ore
Ethereal Cloak
Evil Dolphin Crystal
Gauntlets Of Anger
Gladiator Boots
Gladiator of Malas
Glowing Slime
Good Samaritan of Britannia Robe
Hallow Favor Lute
Halloween Costume Contest Runner - Up
Halloween On Chesapeake Blaze Mask
Heartwood Ceremonial Staff
Heartwood Friendship Earrings
Helm of the Orcish King
Herald For The Royal Guard
Hollow Branch
I Died At the Deepest Darkest Dungeon Free For All and Only Got This Shirt
I Participated In the Death Knight Tourney (Gold Skull Mug)
I Participated In The Great Lakes Contest Extravaganza
I Stole This Necklace
Ice Shard
Ice White Fish
Imp Race Participate
In Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Royal Guard (sash)
Jade Armband
Juka Military Bow
Juka Military Sword
King of Gladiator’s Boots
Knight of the Luna Guard (surcoat)
Leaves Of The Dryad
Lieutenant Of The Royal Britannia Guard
Life’s Ruination
Light’s Rampart
Lloyd’s Lama Chow Tattered Sack
Lt. Of The Royal Guard Sash
Member Of The Legion of Chaos
Member Of The Royal Britannian Navy Boots
Minion Of Marcel Robe
Minion of Morissa Robe
Oblivion’s Needle
Official Legends Tartan
Orb Of Psychic Focus
Orc Chief Helm
Orc Longbow (black same stats as Faire Fire Bow)
Orc Skin Mask
Orcish Engineer Toolkit
Orcish Insignia Ring
Orcish Long Bow
Orcish Scimitar
Order Of The Serpent Shield
Ornate Encrusted Armguards
Partisan of Chaos Sash
Pink Map
Pixie Dust x 2 (two different graphics)
Poison Egg Sac
Raiment Of The Zessler Guard
Rare Animals Vol I
Rare Animals Vol II
Rare Collectors Book
Ring Blessed
Royal Botanist’s Trowel
Royal Britannia Guard Ceremonial Shield
Royal Britannian Guard Book
Royal Guard Artisan
Royal Guard Battle Plans
Royal Guard Boots
Royal Guard Bow
Royal Guard Dart
Royal Guard Inquisitor Cloak
Royal Guard Investigator’s Cloak +20 Stealth
Royal Guard Shock Trooper Sash
Royal Guard Shock Trooper Sergeant
Royal Guard Survival Knife
Royal Sand Miner Sash
Sash Embroidered With Both Draconic And Necromantic Symbols
Scythe Of The Horseman
Sea Serpent Crystal
Sergeant Of The Royal Britannian Guard Sash
Serpent Crystal
Servant of Tal’Keesh Robe
Shadow Artillery
Shattered Crystal Wisp Fragment
Sigil of The Necromary
Silk Slippers
Sini Sarp Agra-Char De Ssithnos (Blue Dragon Slaying Bardische)
Skilled Hatchet Thrower - Second Place
Spider Silk Woven Shirt
Staff From Umbra University Writhing With Stored Power
Staff Of The Necromancer
Tal’Keesh Battle Plans
Terathian Egg Sac
The 3rd Balhae Dual Event Fighter
The Head of Tal’Keesh
The Legendary Art of Necromancy, Dragon Slave, Servant of Tal’Keesh
The Robe Of Britannia “Bal”
The Serpent Codex
The Smartest Person of Britannia (Glacial Bandana)
Tongue Of The Beast
Uggtocuctc’s Hide
Umbra Gladiator Sash
Vertical Wall Blood
Visage Of Drax’veltos
Void Blade of Umbra
Wanted Poster of Julius Dryden
White Poinsettia

Seer Quest Items:

A Cutlass Crafted On The Forge Of Ice
A Embossed Dagger Naming You Honorary Member Of The Al’Suq Tribe
A Glacial Spellbook
A Golden Deer Mask
A Pendant Carved From A Ice Serpent Scale, Naming You Friend To The Al’Suq
A Robe Worn By the Rainbow Mage
A Sash With Symbols And. At The End. The Name Jou’Nar
A Scroll Covered With Scribbles And Diagrams
A Smith Hammer Crafted by the Royal Tinkers
A Yew Wood Staff Carved With Reptilian Images
An Antique Necklace
Apprentice Spell Book
Archeological Notes (Gold Rune Book)
Awarded to Kerik - Last Man Standing Sash
Blue Blood – Ice Fiend Blood
Capulet’s Wedding Dress
Platmail Gloves Made By Soothsayer
Chainmail Leggings Made By Soothsayer
Chainmail Tunic Made By Soothsayer
Charred Ash Staff
Cloak Sewn By Ebon The Eternal
Fragment Of A Map
Giant Black Pearl
Gold Coins
Kennoean Chain Mail
Master Of Uzeraan’s Riddles Hat
Master Spell Book
Necklace of The Ages
Ocean’s Purity
Petrified Fish
Reagent Box
The Championship Finalist Of The Britain Horse Race
The Contemporary History of Britannia Spell Book
The Teleporter Is The First Step… Soon We Will Be Rich Open Book
This Access To Mainland Is Vital… Do Not Fail Open Book
Valorite Platemail Arms crafted by the Power of the Seed
Valorite Platemail Gorget crafted by the Power of the Seed
Valorite Platemail Legs crafted by the Power of the Seed
Vile of Daemon’s Essence
Zaver’s Tavern Review Notes


A Ship Claim Ticket x 2
A Deed to a Potted Plant
Armbone Of the King of Thieves
Beard Dye
Blue Bread
Deed To A Clothier’s Shop
Deed to every House Design
Facial Hair Growth & Sculpturing Cream
Femur of Warumnet x 2
Full Leprechaun Suit
Full Phoenix Suit
Full Ranger Suit
Full Set of Globes
Full Set of Holiday Bells
Golden Mark Scrolls x 8
Hair Dye
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Axe
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Chivalry Book
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Crook
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Necromancy Book
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Spell Book
Happy 6th Anniversary UO Tongs
Happy 7th Anniversary UO Set
Happy 8th Anniversary UO Set
Head of Lord Golbolt-BT
Neira’s Red Scimitar
Purple Cooked Birds x 2
Red War Axe
Singing Ball
Skull of Arthur

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I know the castle in question and it's really something to see. However, there is no way in the world I would spend $50,000 real dollars for a virtual account. Perhaps someone with alot of money would, but I think that if I had that kind of money, I would much rather spend it vacationing with my family on a nice sunny beach for about a month. I've bought UO items on ebay in the past, but it's been a couple of years since doing that and I could never fathom spending hundreds let alone thousands of dollars on virtual items.
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Hmm, I noticed some Napa history in that list. Quite a shame, really.

I would rather give $50,000 to a more charitable cause then blow it on a few 1's and 0's. And I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but when I think of someone who would spend that much on a game I am reminded of kids who have committed suicide over MMORPGs. It's just sick.
Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away,
And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why,
Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire.




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I don't think that sounds harsh at all Deraj...I would hope that if someone had that kind of money to just blow, they would put it into a better cause as well.

Even if I had the cash, I don't think I would ever feel good spending it on virtual goods.

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    The Anti-Adam (which means I'm cool)

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IF and only IF I spent that kinda cash it would gaurantee a date with Thradia, then I would buy it.

But seriously, no way would I spend that amount for anything other than Taco Bell.

Thinking about it, why would anyone even think about selling anything UO related for that much, better chance bunching up items for a lot less and possibly come up with some serious cash after everything was sold, but not in one lump like that.




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We can go on a date without the cash ONLY if we go to Subway and NOT Taco Bell :P

I think a nice thing for this guy to do, would be to sell some of it individually (at a normal price) to another rares museum or something. There are so many establishments that would love to have some peices of that collection.

And like Deraj said...some of it belongs on other shards...give them a chance to bring their historic items back to their own shard

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    The Anti-Adam (which means I'm cool)

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Subway eh? I might have to put a poll up to see if that'd be worth it...

A. Taco Bell alone
B. Subway w/ Thradia
C. Hide burrito in french bread and B
D. Wait until Taco Bell closes, replace sign with Subway sign, and B.

Yeah, I agree that shard specific items should be returned, and actually have some tag put on it that won't allow it be moved from the original shard (can't be x-ferred).

I wonder if this person really has all that or not, and if they do, if they gathered everything for the sole purpose of selling it all. Starting to think this is a joke of some sort.


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There is a guy on Baja that has been winning events since like day 1. Alot of people know him as Manticore. This guys house is worth in the Billions with just the stuff he has int it. He has 5 fully developed characters on 10 shards that he does events with. The amount of stuff from other shards probably greatly outweighs the original Baja stuff. For a while he was walking around with this insane hpr 210hp suit, then he switched it out cause nobody could kill him. I can just imagine the history he has taken away from their original shards.


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Manticore goes to all em events across all shards then x-shards to whatever his home shard is. I simply quit answering his icqs, he may be on ignore.. not sure.

Back on topic, I would not spend that money. If I had $50k to toss around I would not be playing UO. This is cheap entertainment, with money like that I would be out every night.



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"It BELONGS in a museum!!" - Indiana Jones



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Seems a shame that it can't be donated to some good museum or something like that rather than make rl gold, but he did have a Bronze Clockwork Chicken that has to be a wind up. :)
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Even if I had Bill Gates money, you would never hear of me spending 50k on a car never mind lines of code...

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The castle itself is a museum. I encourage anyone interested, to come over to Catskills and take a look. The castle is located just outside of Vesper. From the bank, go across the northern bridge and head SE past the tailor and provisioner. The castle is just a screen or 2 south of the provisioners and it's open to the public. If anyone needs a lift there, just let me know and I can gate you. I was gonna post some pics, but I don't think they would do the place justice, you just need to see it for yourself.

Oh, and if you do go see the castle, open up the paperdolls for the vendors. Most are wearing unique items.

*Ok, I added one pic here for Flutter*
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I just visited the museum, and it was more depressing than it was impressive. Those items need to go back to their respective shards, in my most humble of opinions.

I'm sorry, but seeing Napa history on display in Catskills just irks me to no end.
Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away,
And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why,
Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire.



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Heh wow
No I wouldn't pay 50kUSD for that lot, hell I wouldn't pay 5k
I have no interest in "rares".


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Yah I am the same way, I do not care one bit about rares, I am a collector of useable items. If it wont help my character out, I dont keep it. I have left tons of those rarity items laying around. Stupidly though, when I first joined, I got one of those "Bo was here for the launching of AOS" robes, and didnt realize that it would help me out later in the game, and just tossed it. So somewhere out there is someone with my robe! hehe..




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I think this guy is just trying to get a price for it, when this doesn't get a bid(because it won't) it will drop to 25,000, then 10,000 then MAYBE 5,000. After that he will cry because he realizes that its just not worth that much as a set.
There are no stupid questions......only stupid people!




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After that he will cry...

lol..that made me giggle...

I am in total agreement with them going back to their shards...that's one of the big things for shards...each has a different history and a lot of people are proud of that.

It's probably a lovely setup on Catskills..but if he is no longer going to run this museum..there is so much more he could do with the items then trying to get a bunch of real money :(

While looking for news I found this post by Wilki about this:

That's roughly equal to 16 Billion gold.

Interesting number.

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And gold is going for what $1.50 - $3.00 now?

I'd never spend anything but the monthly fee on UO other than character transfers.

Although I do love that pixie dust!




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I have someone on my ICQ list that is selling Catskills Gold for 2.5 a mil or less if you buy bulk. I have actually been thinking about picking up a few mil.....thinking.....oh god it hurts!
There are no stupid questions......only stupid people!

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