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b.gifritannia Guards — the King's Guard and protectors of the Sovereign's interests. The Guard was founded in early 2000 as a respone to the rebellions in the city-state of Vesper. The later appearance of other seperatist states has prolonged the need of the Guard as a standing army of the Kingdom of Britannia.


t.gifhe Guard actively contributes to the defense of the crown cities, its citizenry, Britannian culture and its nobility. By a strong and progressive strategy, we invite regular citizens from all over the kingdom to join in our work for a united kingdom. By providing assistance to local guards-forces and by being an organizational power in the establishment of a Royal Army, comprised of all forces deemed loyal to the crown and the Great Council, the Britannia Guards play an important role in preserving the peace and order of the Kingdom.


b.gifut only through active participation and support from local citizens and towns it will be able to battle the impending challenges that faces Britannia. If you want to make a difference and have had enough of local quarrels or rebel oppression, then it is time you make a stand for your country and for your fellow citizens.


w.gife have seen that only through unity one can achieve strength; are you with us?

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WOW! The LBL, now LB I see, is still around!


A bit of backround:

I was one of the first memembers and second in command of the LBL back in 2000.


It is so good to see you guys are still going strong.


Keep it up and all the very best for the future,


Atrinnerty. :wave:

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