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Umbra University - Gargoyles!

- - - - - gargoyles umbra university

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[The news as contained in this post you can take as IC knowledge. However any posts it links to are purely OOC information, unless you happen to have a good explanation why you would know about them IC.]

From the day late Hooded Claw

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Umbra University Special!!

The Professor strode into the lecture hall with a flourish and stood at the lectern - quickly he removed his hat gloves and scarf. He looked around the room scanning the faces of the crowd. Then began to speak in that rattling fashion academics use to make themselves heard.

"Well, welcome all we should begin then. Tonight’s topic shall be about the Gargoyles I am sure that most of you have already seen one. However, what few realise is that these creatures have quite an interesting culture. Today in Sosaria we meet usually two types of Gargoyle. The first is the civilised ones that currently reside in their own town in Ilshenar, They speak, they are peaceful and civilised, work, have beliefs and so on. Nice fellows, really. Lovely town too, if you make it across the desert. The second type is a more feral one, usually lurking in the woods and attacking strangers. We are still unsure as to why this is. Who knows anything about gargoyles?"

Dorian looked around the room hopefully. Cerys Slowtree as ever began to apply her thinking power to the exercise. This could at times look painful and the University knew well that she was capable of ... well thinking almost anything. Dorian Abronsius asked “Well?”

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All of a sudden the audience erupted hurling helpful comments to and at the Professor who seemed a little overwhelmed.

Tammy shouted, “ They have wings. and They wear no clothes!”

Brynhild stated evenly “They use magic.”

Ravelyn Noire added, “They have a reddish tinted skin” to which Tammy corrected “They're pink...?”

Ravelyn Noire thought and said, “They make good slaves” whilst Taryn added finally “Gargoyles like to dance”

Professor Dorian Abronsius' eyes flickered from face to face and finally he stated happily "Aha! Very good. Magic!"

By now Cerys Slowtree's brain had come to a conclusion "Some of them are like Angels!"

"Angels?" replied the Professor.

Cerys Slowtree nodded thoughtfully."Those ones in the temple". Decardo Imier joined in at this point "They do bear resemblance to the Eternals on Reg Volum" The Professor was genuinely surprised "Most usually compare to daemons rather than angels. But, possibly. Yes, why not."

The Professor unrolled a large picture on the wall of the University Lecture room.

Posted Image

Dorian Abronsius continued his lecture looking back at his notes. "The common gargoyle has a red skin..." Lord Bertrand chimed in with "More like a tough hide" Which was acknowledged by the Professor "As I tried to say... a red skin. It is very strong, leathery and tough. Which makes some people believe that they are creatures made of stone...like those nasty little statues sitting on some buildings, bearing the same name. But... they are not. Their skin makes them very resistant to heat and fire, as well as to physical attacks. In fact, they prefer warm or hot areas to live in. Some researchers claim that they are like frogs and just turn inactive in the cold...a theory we could not yet verify."

Cerys chimed in "They are not really like frogs, professor. Frogs don't have wings!"

The Professor looked down at his notes with a slight sag of his shoulders the only noticeable sign of his slight frustration. “That Slowtree really does try hard” - he thought to himself as he prepared to continue "Err, yes. Of course not. Who here has visited the gargoyle town?" he continued looking up at the crowd. A few hands shot up. “Very good. What did you notice there?" he asked.

Tammy suggested “They have stone beds..” for some reason and Muldran Skully: made the observations, “Very finely crafted city... Very elegant... for a race considered monstorous.” Meiko adding, “Stone everything”

Cerys Slowtree added something which perhaps the others had avoided in their haste: “There are lots of gargoyle people!” which Crowley Noire also noted “Gargoyles!” It seemed Cerys wasn’t finished “Oh, and they make statues!” with Ravelyn Noire adding “They give instruction on the art of masonry and glass making.”

Dorian Abronsius took the crowds suggestions and summed it up saying, “They enjoy crafted things of all kinds, statues, and decorations, even glass. We have established that they enjoy crafting of all kinds. But something else is there that they excel in.” Stewan Seagull the cook from Trinsic who has attended a few lectures in order to better himself said simply “Magic...”

“Ha. Indeed. Very good.” Replied the Professor and he continued, “Any mages here?” a few hands were raised , “Name a random magical spell. Preferably one that will not make anything explode.” Mad mage Muldran Skully stood and uttered a few words of power “Vas Ylem Rel” The professor grew more animated “What do we learn from that?”

Cerys Slowtree spoke “Writing is magic?”
“No.” replied Dorian.”Magic is gargoyle !All the spell words are in fact gargoyle words.” Decardo Imier leaned forward and asked “You are saying they are a race born of magick?” “Either that, or... they might be the founders of magic, so to say”, replied Dorian adding “or the first to employ it.”

The Professor looked down at his notes then across the room “The spellwords that mages use employ this language. Another example, maybe. The spell for healing. Who knows the words?” Muldran Skully spoke “In Mani” Dorian extraploted further “Greater healing ... Vas in Mani ... just adds a big in front. An on the other hand is a negation. An mani meaning harm. The whole language is constructed out of these single short words.”

Dorian Abronsius continued his lecture to the crowd "That we cannot say for sure. As an old race they might have been the ones to invent the spells that we use now. So to say. Or they might have other origins. One more addition to complete the language studies though. It is a very interesting useage of words and bits that form the final words. This makes it both hard and easy to understand. Agra, for example, means fighting. Char is a tool. Agrachar is what...?"

Brynhild the Duchy of Trinsic guard quickly replied "Weapon."

"Yes. Weapon." the Professor seemed please "Lem is always a person. Who knows what agracharinlem is ? It is someone that invokes, creates a weapon. The weaponsmith. This is a very important lesson for all that wish to talk to the gargoyles For most of them bear a name that is simply their profession. And they take pride in their profession. So never fail to investigate their name and their profession"

Dorian Abronsius continued “Together with the language comes a set of runes used for writing” he then rolled out a poster on the wall. “There are 30 different characters arranged in a rectangle of 5x6 characters. But that only on the side. Maybe it is time now to let the other one speak... I am not sure about the name... the one with the odd hair.”

Muldran Skully green haired extravagant spell caster and arcane mage of The Shadow Court stood, moved to the lectern and began to speak "I received a letter from the Professor about Gargish matters... And I found something written about Gargish beliefs. I must stress that this is mostly conjecture, though. You'll notice that even the Gargoyles in the centre of Ilshenar refuse to talk about Spiritual Matters... Despite the similarities. Between the Virtues and the Gargoyle Beliefs."

Posted Image

Muldran Skully shuffled his notes studiously and continued, "Beliefs...This is what I managed to find out when I overheard a Gargoyle talking about something called the 'Circle of Belief'.All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence.From Control springs Direction. From Passion springs Feeling. From Diligence springs Persistence. But these three virtues are no more important than the other five. Control combines with Passion to give Balance. Passion combines with Diligence to yield Achievement. And Diligence joins with Control to provide Precision. Please bear with me on this. The absence of Control, Passion and Diligence is Chaos. Thus the absence of the principles points toward the seventh virtue, Order. The three principles unify to form Singularity. This is the eighth virtue, but it is also the first, because within Singularity can be found all the principles, and thus, all the virtues.”

The crowd seemed puzzled – some scratched their heads some simply looked out of the windows briefly and thought of far off warm days and pleasant pastures – Skully continued “As you can hear from that... the Gargoyles are deep thinkers. Their system of belief is complex, as complex as their language...But Singularity is the centre of all. It is the point at which everything and nothing meets. Perhaps there is a song at that point, the song of the Universe... I'll finish with something that I heard when a young gargoyle spoke to the elder beside him. I think it summarises the gargoyle race perfectly. A circle has no end. It continues forever, with all parts equally important in the success of the whole. Our society is the same. It too continues forever, with all members (and all virtues) equal parts of the whole.”

Muldran Skully looked around and paused dramatically at this point. He then continued "Much more different to us, and our shattered notions of only upholding certain virtues, eh? Perhaps that tells us something of the state of the land?" He gathered his notes up and left for his seat in the audience.

The audience clapped loudly.

The Professor stepped up clapping and smiling at Muldran "Very good. thank you." Then an odd question "Has someone here seen a ... um... female... gargoyle? Anybody?" At this there were a few blushes and some bewildered looks and a slight smattering of giggles. Lord Decardo Imier spoke "Or maybe they are not male and female as we are?" he seemed half questioning half certain.

"No, I think not." Dorian replied "It is generally assumed that they are like...ants." This caused a stir and some consternation. He continued "I mean, not like ants, but compareable to ants. Yes? There have been reports about a queen that...lays eggs who are Hidden away in underground caves with Whole cities However, this information leaked out from the time when the gargoyles were enslaved under Exodus and his minions. Otherwise, no gargoyle would ever reveal anything of such importance.So we cannot verify the truth of that." He paused and looked around smiling slightly."Any final questions? ..." he waited "No? Very well. I guess we are finished then for tonight I thank you all for attending."

There was a buzz of excitement and the usual post-lecture debates began and it was generally decided to try and visit the Gargoyle City to see what could be found of them.

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