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Elg'Cahl - Chapter Five

- - - - - chapter elgcahl

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Elg'cahl - Chapter Five

Mri'Kulssin watched her brother struggle on the floor of the cave. Her eyes widened with each spasm; then she'd wince as he screamed out in an agony she could not imagine. She had seen a lot of pain and torture in her lifetime. It was the way of her people. Her hand went out to her brother, reaching out to him, wanting to help him. She paused and let her hand fall once again to her side. There was nothing she could do for man who thrashed about naked on the cold stone ground. The air smelled of blood and sweat. The Drow wrinkled her nose at the scent. For seven days she had watched her brother battle the daemons inside him. Most men would have died inside of two from exhaustion, pain or insanity. When she felt that he was starting to fall, she would scream at him, pound on his back with her fists, or even kick him with her high leather boots if necessary. Anything to keep him conscience. To keep him fighting.

Mri felt the weight of exhaustion herself. It was a struggle alone to keep her eyes from shutting. Even with the wails from her brother she found it hard to focus. Three days of fighting non-stop was a challenge, but seven days and nights... She suddenly became aware of the silence around her. She looked to where the assassin had been chained to the wall. Her heart stopped in her chest at the sight of the empty shackles swinging silently free. She spun and faced the entrance to the cave. Deep in the shadows, two eyes sparkled like the brightest ruby. Or perhaps more accurately; like the fires of hell. The Drow stepped slowly towards the entrance. Her own eyes shined.. not with fear, but anger.

"You gave up! You weak little man!", she screamed out shaking her fist at the cave opening. A deep growl was the only response. "Elg'cahl.. Spyder Bitten.. My Brother", she yelled, sounding more defeated with each word, "I came to the surface for you", taking a step forward towards the beast and the shadows. Another growl, more intense, fierce this time. She could make out the white fangs as it snarled at her approach. "I came to help you".

Mri's hand went to her belt where a wicked looking scimitar hung in its sheath. She grabbed the handle of the sword and purposely drew the weapon, "There were only two ways you could die", from the shadows a large black wolf emerged, lips drawn back, growling at the Drow Knight that approached. "The daemons could have taken you, or..", she readied her word above her head, "You could give in to the beast and then I would have no choice but to kill you my brother".

The two crashed into each other, wolf and Drow, a tumble of plate armor and fur, metal and claws. They rolled over one another and out the cave entrance finally falling apart as they hit a tree. The wolf leaped up immediately and shook itself. Mri'Kulssin was already standing, sword poised, ready for the attack. Spyder crouched low on his haunches and launched himself at the Drow. Anticipating her brother's tactic, she spun to the side and struck him in the back with the butt of her scimitar. Squealing, the wolf tried desperately to move but its rear legs had failed. She had snapped his spine and imobilize her brother. Walking towards the maimed wolf, she grabbed the scimitar in both hands and raised it above her head. To severe the head was the only way she could guarantee that he would die fast and not suffer. A single tear trailed down the dark skin of the Drow's cheek.


SpyderBite felt helpless.

He had never experienced such a situation before. The panic and frustration was alien to him. With great effort, he dragged himself towards the cave entrance. With every struggled grasp of dirt he awaited the scimitar's final strike.

The assassin knew his sister's intentions were good. Survival had overcome him however and he pulled himself desperately forward upon the ground, inches at a time.

The sound of Mri's scream caused him to cease in his struggle. He awaited the wound which would end his agony. When no such strike came, he rolled himself over to face his sister.

Instead of the ice white hair and obsidian skin of his Drow sibling, a man of great stature stood before him. Glancing behind the stranger, Spyder saw his sister lying motionless on the ground. Anger stirred the wolf inside him.. despite the fact that she had been ready to kill him; he loved her.

"Stay yourself crippled dog", replied the stranger, anticipating the assassin's reaction, "You are finished in your condition".

"Who are you?", was all that he could muster the breath to ask.

"I have watched you struggle with the wolf. I have seen your strength. I have seen you defeated over and over again. Yet you have stood up and fought back each time", he smiled and the sight of his fangs sent a shiver up the assassin's spine.

"You are a vampire", stating the obvious, "I know you, Damned One. We have fought each other and together on several occassions".

"Milord", he interrupted, "You are finished". The vampire, dressed in a blinding white robe kicked at the assassin's limp legs, "You have two choices, Infidel".

SpyderBite rolled over on to his stomach and crawled at the earth, in a vain effort towards the cave. He was siezed by his foot and lifted into the air. Helpless again; he faced the Vampire called Wyrm upside down.

"You can die now if you'd like", Wyrm drew his broadsword and held it close to the changling's neck menacingly, "or you can bend your neck to me and you shall be whole again", he chuckled evilly, "without a soul of course".

SpyderBite looked over to where Mri'Kulssin lie lifeless, "What of my sister?".

"She shall be cared for", Wyrm smiled again, and his eyes glew as he spoke, "and protected".

The assassin's first reaction was to reach out at the vampire, yet he lacked the strength. Defeated, and feaful for his sister, he made a decision.

Forgetting his past and his future... SpydBite turned his neck for the vampire called Wyrm.

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