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Elg'cahl - A Supplement

- - - - - elgcahl supplement

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For those that have read the Elg'cahl series in the past.. this tells of Katharine's return to the lands

The evening was fresh. The black wolf sniffed the air.
There was something unbalanced in the night.
A scent that made him sneeze suddenly. Happiness and cheer.
The wolf nudged at the young girl on the ground.
Biting deeply into her neck, he sucked for any last drops of life.
Finding his victim empty of life, he dropped her limp body to the ground.
The black wolf bound across the snow towards the source of
the disturbing scent.
Behind him, the moon shown down on the corpse of the young maiden,
dead eyes staring up at the starlit night.

Smoke curled from the chimney of the shop. Yule lights danced as
sounds of celebration escaped the vendor's home. Inside folks gathered,
celebrating the holiday evening. The wolf sneezed again.
The scent of celebration had grown repulsively stronger as drew closer
to the source. He padded quickly towards the building, the grass of
the low valley softened his steps. He was grateful that he was drawn
to a lower elevation and a warmer climate. The chill of Wintermoor
still made his bones shiver.

Jumping up to a low balcony, the wolf made his way past the vendors
below him who were chatting merilly amongst themselves. He forced
himself to restrain another sneeze at the disgusting joy.
Finding a window low enough to peer in, the beast surveyed the interior
of the vendor shop. Immediately, he recognized the faces of many he
had known while he still had a soul. The merchant Maleeka, draped in
green and red, laughed at something the gentleman before her had said.
He took note of the Shogun standing before her; Yasou of the Wakayama.
A short growl rumbled from deep in the wolf's chest. He'd fought against
and with the warrior many times. He respected the warrior, but, it was
the smile on his face that caused the wolf to stifle another sneeze.

Conversation at the door distracted the beast and he stepped back in to
the shadows. Men and women smelling of ale started exiting the premisis,
laughing and singing. He saw the Shogun Yasou walk in to the porch.
The wolf prepared himself for chance the warrior would notice his
presence. The Shogun kissed the merchant's hand and bid her farewell.

When he had rode off on his mount, the wolf stepped in to the light
of the open door. The vendor Maleeka jumped slightly at appearance
of the huge black wolf.

"You have mange", laughed the jovial woman. A flash of vibrant blue
light filled the porch. The Vampire, SpyderBite, shook himself and
dusted off his pitch black armor.

"I thought I might find you at the source of this disgusting behaivor"
growled the Assassin, drawing a mailed glove through his course black

"Get inside quickly, there are still many about who would skin you
where you stood, young man", she replied. Spyder followed her into
the home, squinting at the bright lights that illuminated the room.

She rummaged about in a chest and with a smile offerd two vials of blood
to the Vampire.

"Nay", he grinned, "I've fed tonite".

Maleeka frowned, tossing the vials back in to the chest, "I hope it was someone deserving and not an innocent".

"Maleeka", he said, fangs beared menacingly, "I kill when I need to feed,
there is no other method of justifying it".

The merchant's face turned sad. She looked up at the dark man before her,
placing a hand on his cold, hard face, "You haven't come to feed",
Maleeka smiled sadly at the Vampire, brushing her thumb across the
stubbled cheek, "The happiness you seek is not here, SpyderBite".

The undead man stepped back abruptly, "I smelled the joy that radiated
from this very room, Maleeka!".

She let her hand drop to her side and replied, "Aye, it did". Turning,
she walked to the window and stared out in to the night, "But you missed
her by almost an hour".

The Vampire approached the woman grasping her by the shoulder and turning
her to face him, fangs beared, "Don't speak to me in riddles woman!".

Maleeka turned away from the Vampire called SpyderBite and turned again
to the window, "Go west of here, dear. You will find a home, and the
'happiness' you seek". When the merchant turned around, the Undead was
gone, but several candles had burnt out near the doorway.

SpyderBite, dagger in hand, approached a house of Oriental design.
Surprisingly, he was able to step upon the steps uninvited. He pulled
aside the sliding door and surveyed the room, dagger dripping venomous
toxins on the floor.

A woman stepped out from the shadows, adorn in red leather armor,
"I was wondering how long it would take you to sense my presence".

The Vampire SpyderBite heard his dagger fall to the floor, the poison
began eating away at the woodwork immediately with a hiss,
"Katharine?", he whispered.

The woman before him smiled, bearing her fangs, replied, "Yes, Elg'cahl,
I have returned".

The Vampire dropped to his knees, hands held before him, "What have you
done?", was all he could muster in his state of shock.

Katharine laughed loudly and said, "Come, let us go have some fun,
shall we?".

Maleeka watched out the window of her shop, as the wolf and the woman
beside him ran off chasing the moonlight... happily.

She put a hand up to the cold glass, a single tear rolled down her rosey cheek as she whispered, "Happy Holiday, Elg'cahl".