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A YAMA story - The Path of the Enlightened One

- - - - - enlightened path story yama

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OOC: This is the storyline created by Yasou that precedes the huge RP war going on right now on Siege Perilous...

By Yasou Wakayama of Siege Perilous

Chapter One - The Dowry

The tension was high in the meeting room … as the six men gathered sat waiting for the next placement by the Admiral. After several hours at the table the stakes had grown quite high … Shabba had moved his last pieces of gold out on this turn and had the most to lose but the others were not fairing much better. The Shogun was down to a small pile, Takeshi seemed to have reverted back to a juvenile as he cursed himself in anger over his poor play. Squid had started out strong but had been undone by some spectacular turns early on by Wakka … who had now in turn been repeatedly beaten and taken for large wagers by the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto … clearly Pai Gow was a game that he was more skilled then the Wakayama Clansmen.

Isoroku looked over at Wakka … he could see the nervousness as once again Wakka was the banker and would be forced to pay out large if he lost. The Admiral smiled as he made his play … he had the gee joon “the supreme pair” and in making this final play he would become the big winner … as he made the move there were slammed fists on the table, Takeshi stood up in a moment blind rage and a spate of curse words. Wakka just stood up silently and left the room.

Squid and the Shogun still had gold with which to play but after a look between the two – Yasou spoke. “Well played Admiral – perhaps your years of piracy have helped hone your gambling skills.” Clearly the Shogun was angry as no one spoke of the Admiral’s questionable past in the lands they had abandoned.

“Forget this game – you had promised a competition on the seas.” The Admiral demanded.

Takeshi finally had his wits about him and resumed his position at the table. “Shogun, I know the regatta and the events that go with it are a priority, but we have to discuss something that will take precedence.”

The Admiral scowled and cursed under his breath … these damn Wakayama’s had promised a regatta … where he clearly would be the favorite. Isoroku loved competition but more so then competing he loved winning – and if it appeared he might lose he would take measures to win … he slid a 6-6 “a Heaven” into his boot … he had been patient so far … he could wait a bit longer.

“Please Takeshi – elaborate on this matter of extreme importance,” The Shogun requested.

Takeshi cleared his throat and stood up. “It appears that we will need to discuss a dowry as a request has been made for the hand of our High Priestess in matrimony.”

“Ho!” exclaimed Shabba. “Who could be the lucky suitor?”

Squid laughed, “Who in their right mind would consider such a thing … haha!”

Takeshi smirked as well … “This is quite a wealthy suitor … the dowry could be significant and could in fact help finance the entire regatta event if we wished to do so. “

This got the attention of the Admiral, “Marry off the wench – she’s one hard headed opinionated loud mouth if you ask me – bring in the gold!”

The Shogun glared at the Admiral – this man was a despicable soul, “The Priestess is a huge asset to our Clan you buffoon – clearly you need some instruction in some social graces and I shall not have you sail in representing our Clan in an regatta until you refine both your language and your attitude.”

With this the Admiral spit on the floor, “You know where to find me YOUR GRACE.” And he stormed from the room.

Squid spoke next, “So Takeshi who is it that has offered a dowry for the hand of Ibichi?”

The curtain parted at the back of the room, and the woman that emerged had a puzzled look as she asked, “What the hell did you just say?”

Chapter 2 - The Changes Within

Isoroko had returned to his stone fortress in the icy tundra valley that the Yamamoto’s had claimed for their own. Only the necromancer Obake still kept a home near Umbra, but that was more of a necessity as it allowed their group to watch the comings and goings of friends and foes … Umbra was for all it’s darkness and shadows … a fairly busy place.

Obake was awaiting Isoroko … and Kumui as always sat off in the shadows. The deathtalker motioned for Isoroko to join him at the table where tea was set before them … Obake muttered a spell and his skin turned from the white of the dead to a normal healthy shade. The Admiral grimaced, necromancers were creepy he preferred those that were dead to stay dead but he could not tell this to his brother.

“Some strange things are happening with our brethren in the Wakayama Clan Iso … the high priestess was not pleased with a discussion regarding an arranged marriage and through trickery and magic has changed the focus of her Clan.”

Isoroko raised an eyebrow in perplexed amazement. “Please go on brother.”

“It seems a charm was used on at least one member of the Clan as Takeshi spoke not of a dowry and to who the priestess was to be married but instead an elaborate plan to expand the empire and the influence of the Wakayama Clan. As he spoke the Shogun and those in attendance sat in amazed silence at the sheer possibilities of such a plan. Clearly, while the priestess’s intent may have been to change the course of the conversation, this diatribe was not what she expected.” The deathtalker stopped speaking and smiled at the Admiral.

“Brother can this be the plan that we discussed nary three months ago … the one that would stretch the capabilities of their clan and strengthen our influence within it?” Isoroko asked.

Obake smiled broadly … “You have no idea how great our influence will soon be my brother.”

Kumui leaned from out of the shadows … “It took me these three months to spread the idea amoung the rank and file. Some opposed, but the ones we needed to bite have done so. You will be amazed what the promises of power and glory do to some people.”

Kumui continued, “I had first planted the idea with one of the newer members of the Clan … a young elf maiden named Ariana. She had been spending some time with the warlord Hugibear learning the ways of combat. I used her to plant the idea to the warlord – the one who always wants more combat then the Shogun is willing to allow. Hugibear convinced the wizard Wakka and man-at-arms Weinan that this idea viable and promised them combat. And it seems that after Takeshi spoke his diatribe the word reached the three who immediately requested a meeting of the Clan.”

… Flash Back to several hours earlier …

Wakka, Weinan, and Hugibear are joined in council by the Shogun, Ibichi, Shabba, Squid, Takeshi, Athena, Squid and several others. There is clearly tension on the faces of most assembled.

Hugibear rises … “Shogun … myself and the other members of the Clan have been informed of the speech that was made by Takeshi but a few hours ago. Many of us believe that this is what we have been waiting for – the one true recognition that will make our city and our kingdom known and feared …”

The Shogun raised his hand cutting him off as he rose. “My warlord, you have served this clan well with the power of weaponry and presence on the battlefield, but is recognition and FEAR what we aspire to?”

The assembled mumble – some in agreement – some clearly not.

“I will agree that what was proposed this morning is both ambitious and potentially extremely satisfying. I only question at what cost will glory come? We have had uneasy peace with many of the established towns now, a move of this nature could end what little peace remains. Those who had shown us support before may turn their backs forever … this is a big and unforgiving step.” The Shogun looked at those assembled … and then to the High Priestess.

“Your priestess has already foreseen the outcome of this meeting. So we have sent our two emissaries … one to small group from the north that calls itself the Strong Arm Steady gang … they are brigands but have pledged their force to the cause we may be undertaking now as well. Bruener has gone to speak with their leader and should return shortly.” The Shogun again looked over the faces of those assembled. “I have also sent Kisho Wakadaichi to the Castle of Lord British to speak to the royal emissary.” About a third of those assembled stomp and howl in approval. “I have given Kisho the authority to reassemble the ancient order – the Wakadaichi Sect on the condition that Ibichi be his seer.” There is some applause and stomping again from about a third of those assembled.

Shabba stood slowly with a concerned look on his face, “Shogun with all due respect … if your seer, the priestess, is with the Wakadaichi sect and away from your side who will give you counsel? And what will become of our current allies if they do not agree with our path?”

The Shogun smiled, “Good questions both … as you know there is no one else among our Clan with the gift of foresight, yet there is one close to our clan who has this ability and I will call on him to aid me while we pursue this crusade.” As the assembled looked at each other perplexed the Shogun continued. “You will notice our ninja’s are absence from this conclave … they are delivering messages and summoning others to our city. Akane has ventured to the tundra wastes where the Yamamoto Clan dwell … Obake will be my seer in the absence of the Priestess.”

Angry shouts rose up … no one assembled looked happy at this news. Xavier stood with a look of sheer displeasure on his face. “Shogun that man is a deathtalker, he is also been known to do unspeakable acts to those that have fallen before him,” Xavier shook his head as he sat down.

The Shogun waved for silence … “My selection of seer is non-negotiable.” His eyes met Ibichis. Kanaye has gone to find our allies DR … they have the ability to stand on their own and carve out their own niche. It will be their choice as to how their future will play out but our future does not include being a crutch for our friends in DR while we focus n greater tasks.”

Most assembled nodded in agreement.

“I expect a number of you will take the oath of the Wakadaichi sect. Remember in doing so you pledge to server two lords, two kingdoms. In doing so you pledge to enforce a set of laws which may be met with opposition … from friends and potentially former friends, and foes.” The Shogun said all of this while looking at Hugibear.

“While I can not sit in council with Lord British himself, by our oath to assist his knights in True Brits, I have made a pact, a treaty which should strengthen our sovereign kingdom and grow our influence. Know that those that due not recognize his authority will now be our enemies … the Silver Serpent Knights of Mithras … the denizens of Wispwood Shire … and all those that openly defy Lord British will be faced with our wrath. This is the oath we must pursue, there has been no taxation for too long and the TB coffers run low – we pledge to seek the usurpers in the lost lands and exact taxes for their lawlessness … and to annihilate all who support one of the opposing factions be it Minax, Shadowlords, or Council of Mages. Lastly the horde of vampires that run unopposed in the Islands of Tokuno and the lands of Ilshinar will be snuffed for their murder of innocents and for sheltering the helpers of Minax.” The Shogun appeared to be radiating from within …

Yasou raised his right arm to the heavens and looking upwards yelled “SAKAE!!!”

And all assembled sprang to their feet, some drawing their weapons and shouted the same … all but one whose eyes were cast downward and teary eyed …

Chapter 3 - The Deception

“What an interesting tale my brothers”, Isoroku was at the edge of his seat the entire time Kumui had recanted the story. “I am just perplexed as to know how do you know of this turn already? Surely no missives have been received from the shogun.”

The deathtalker rose and smiled at his brothers … Kumui smiled as well, further confounding their youngest brother. The former Admiral and then feared pirate looked between his two brothers as his anger mounted. “Out with it you damned fools!”

“Do you think we would put all our eggs in one basket brother? Play all our cards when our rivals hand has not been shown to be strong? Surely you know we are better masters of deception and trickery then you are giving us credit for.” Kumui smirked.

“Your cousin has been among the WAKA clan for some time now. His skills with the polymorph spell are mindblowing … he can walk in here as myself if he were so inclined. How they had not discovered his true lineage is a question I will not ask but he is not pure of either of our blood and in fact came to us and even we did not know it was him.” Obake continued.
“You see brother … we knew that we could put the “story of glory” to Ariana and she would run with it to Hugibear and get him fired up. What we also counted on was that she would also reveal parts of the same plan to some of the clowns from Wintermoor. And it seems she has been spending much time at the tavern in Wispwood Shire and has often cavorted with Daan Mor so we believe the White Council is aware WAKA’s path.”

“Our problem however,” interjected Kumui “was that we needed someone else to take this story to the Shogun, preferable without his seer present. Your cousin placed a woman of the WAKA clan under a deep trance for several days and then cavorted with her neighbor Takeshi. Takeshi is just a brute but he often sits at the table of the Shogun and we thought he could introduce the idea directly. The way it presented itself was even better then we imagined.”

A figure stepped into the room, in dark robes and facing down. He did not look up but spoke words that Isoroku had not heard in decades and in the tounge of his long deceased father “In your search for redemption - Greed and lies become the savior - Through the lecherous eyes disgust withstand - For are not these the windows to your soul?”

Isoroku shuddered – the one and only time he had heard these words from his fathers lips the next thing that came was murder … his father had placed a weapon in the 12-year-old’s hand “his birthright” and brought him to the fringe of town where his father identified the mark – a man that was an enemy of the Yamamoto’s his father had said … shoot him through the heart he had whispered … but in the dark Isoroku had missed and instead shot the man through the throat and the man had fallen gurgling while he struggled to breathe … his father then struck the mans skull with a club and the man stopped breathing ….

“Father?” he asked – and for the first time in nearly two decades Isoroku felt fear.

The man removed the robes to his shoulders revealing a handsome man that Isoroku recognized as a member of the Wakayama Clan and formerly of the Serpent Knights of Wintermoor. Xavier spoke “Your father, became my guardian after you left for the high seas. He said I was your cousin though my lineage was never discussed though I did ask many times. Your father was the most evil man I had ever met but his loyalty to his clan was unwavering and cost him his life. His words stayed with me as I have been seeking redemption since the day I reached these lands. An attaché is on the way to seek Obake to Wakatown to be the new seer … I must depart shortly”

Isoroku looked at his brothers, “Unbelieveable!”

Obake motioned for him to get some sake “There is more my brother.”

- Several hours earlier in Wakatown –

The assembled shouted “SAKAE!!!” in unison … “Glory” and then some began to sing songs of past triumphs and battles, and heros that made their names in battle.

Only Yasou noticed the tears that streamed down Ibichi’s face as she turned and walked out onto the veranda where she sought solitude from the revelers. She was surprised to find she was not alone as one man was bent over the ledge vomiting over the side into the courtyard.

She could not read his mind or even get a feel of his emotions. She watched him wretch and then stand up stock straight. He said nothing to her did not look up or remove the cloak that covered his face and she could not see who he was though she tried to see past the cloak with her subconscious.

“OUT” she heard at an incredible decibel – knocking her backwards and yet the man said nothing, though she knew this impenetrable anger came from him …

She watched him enter the room of revelers and pass through as though invisible … only the Shogun seemed aware of his presence and the look of recognition on the Shoguns face racked the Priestess with fear. What was happening here?

Chapter 4 - The Ides of War

Kisho Wakadaichi and a group of nearly a dozen Wakayama’s gathered in western Umbra. Together they changed the crest on their shields and armor from the Wakayama Clan to the Imperialistic crest of The Wakadachi … “Those borne in blood”. As they typically did they all worked in silence. Hugibear however had stopped working and sat in silence …. He looked down at his robes and cloak of royal paladin blue – the colors of the armies of Lord British … he looked at the crest of the missing king and he felt no adoration or desire to serve. The warlord looked at the men and women who had pledged to take the task the Shogun requested, all were capable and willing to die for any cause put forth by the Shogun; and he knew they would look to him as Warlord to lead them to victory.

As he glanced around the room several stopped their tasks to observe his actions. As he met each of their eyes they would cease their dressing and look to him. Soon he had the attention of all but two, the Priestess Ibichi who had her back to them all and was working silently in the corner, and the old man Kisho who was unfortunately, often these days, oblivious to his immediate surroundings.

The Warlord cleared his throat and the two turned to face him. Unlike the others Ibichi had done nothing – she still wore the crest of the Wakayama Clan – surely she would know what he planned to say – yet she looked withdrawn and weakened … Hugibear rose to speak. “Brothers and sisters when the Shogun spoke to us he spoke of loyalty to an absentee king. I want to be clear with all of you that I focused on one line of his speech, the one line that should mean everything to all of you, “a treaty which should strengthen our sovereign kingdom and grow our influence.” I am certain the Shogun only wants this … recognition and respect for our kingdom, and fear in the hearts of our enemies.”

Weinan nodded, “I will wear the colors of the paladins of Lord British. However the Wakadachi crest will hold my cloak about my neck.” And he pulled aside his cloak to reveal the Waka crest over the left side of his chest. “And the crest of my brethren will always be closest to my heart.”

Most of the group nodded or made exclamations of agreement … only Ibichi sat silent as Kisho slowly rose to his feet.

The old man spoke, “You young men with your bold talk drawing assumptions over the “true calling” in this plan of the Shogun? The orders were clear … we must strike down the enemies of Lord British and all who violate the old rules. We must decimate the enemy factions …”

Hugibear interrupted him, “I am not disputing the who’s and how’s … I am just stating that this is just politics, our shrewd leader his once again pitted us into a battle that will strengthen our kingdom. This war is not for the glory of some fallen king, but for the glory of the Wakayama Empire.”

The rest of the group rose and cheered … Ibichi shuddered as she stood and pulled her cloak tight about her body.

---- Miles away in Wakatown ---

The Shogun sat with two of his most trusted, Iragael the subtle and Shabba the humble. They awaited the arrival of the new seer, the fourth member of an inner circle that contained five members of the WAKA clan. With two members of the inner circle now absent, with both the Warlord and Seer in service of the Wakadachi … two new people would become the circle.

Iragael spoke of missives that were to be sent to a few of the tribes that had shown support of the Empire in the past. None of these missives were positive as the Shogun had requested. Four in total had been drafted by the pen of Shabba and by the approval of the shogun. Each awaited the two missing signatures, that of the seer and warlord of the Wakayama Clan.

“The parchments will not be delivered by pigeon my Lord as per your request they will each be delivered by hand.” Iragael informed the Shogun.

“Most excellent, I have specific members of the Clan designated for these tasks. Hopefully we can get past the formalities this evening.” The Shogun responded.

“Aye, most can be completed this night; however the one pact we do not want to break until the 90th day as per our promise. We shall nullify that agreement in three days time for our word is bond.” Shabba added.

“Indeed wise one,” the Shogun responded. “We have always been true to our word and we shall not break that pact before our commitment has ended.”

The curtains parted and a man stepped inside. Shabba motioned for the man to take a seat at the table. Wasabi sat at the spot designated for the warlord. All four of the men filled their small mugs with sake and drank in unison.

“And it is now so,” the Shogun spoke “Wasabi will be the warlord for our clan while Hugibear is in the service of Lord British.”

Wasabi picked up the quill and signed the parchment addressed to Shad of the TnT tribe. He nodded in agreement as he signed the parchment addressed to Otis of the DR tribe. A smile spread over his face as he signed the parchment to the remnants of the White Council … the document addressed to Siofra. The fourth document brought a perplexed look to his face and he read it briefly because the wording was different then the other … he signed his agreement at the end and matched looked around the table. “We are missing one more.”

And with that as his introduction the curtains parted and Obake Yamamoto entered the room.

Chapter 5 - The Parchments

The four parchments had been signed – Yasou reviewed them each… he called in Weinan to deliver the missive to Shad. The wording of this parchment was clear, WAKA consider EB2 the enemy – word at reached Wakatown that Shad and the knights of TnT had signed a cooperative pact with this enemy. Most of the WAKA clan considered TnT a non-threat if not exactly a friend but to lie with wolves begat wolf like tendancies. This would be dealt with now …

Shad, and your Clansmen in TnT, greeting. It has come to the attention of the Wakayama Empire that your clan is in legion with our enemies in EB2. If thou thinks that this alliance shall continue unimpeded you are mistaken. Mayhaps your clan should leave this alliance forthwith or thou shall face the wrath of our fury. Thou hast this choice. Leave this alliance so that we shall continue to have security and peace amoung our clans. Or stay and and deal with the consequences. Our armies are pledged to assist in restoring the laws of Lord British on these lands – up to now your clan has not been listed as offenders. However if any of your clan are not paying their lawful customs; or if you or your clan are exacting from the citizenry any new customs or duties which they have not been accustomed to pay and which they ought not to pay. And if any one should maliciously transgress this order, full justice will be done to him without delay.

Make your decision …

Yasou Wakayama, Shogun Iragael Shabba Wakayama
Wasabi Wakayama Obake Yamamoto

The parchment to Otis and the Devils Rejects was of a different tone. The parchment to their clan effectively ended their participation in the WAKA alliance. He handed the missive to Akane to deliver.

Otis Driftwood and our friends in DR …

Our time of cooperative partnership has ended. There will be great turmoil in the coming months with our Clan and our allies as we pursue those who have violated the rules established by Lord British. While we shant explain our reasoning behind this partnership with the vacant king – we will say that it is for the benefit of our own Empire and we are certain you can relate with this. We request that you do not violate the laws – pay your taxes upon request – and inform the Waka Clan of any forays into the Lost Lands. We do not wish you as an enemy.

Fair thee well …

Yasou Wakayama, Shogun Iragael Shabba Wakayama
Wasabi Wakayama Obake Yamamoto

The Shogun looked at the large list of violations that had been presented to him by Kisho Wakadachi … the White Council it seemed had long ago dispatched the standing laws and taken on a set of rules for themselves. This was not going to be pleasant as he personally had a good rapport with several of the citizens of Wintermoor, but an oath came before friendship, and if a friend must be taxed … well then so be it … he nodded and rolled the parchment handing it to Makani for delivery.

Siofra, the fallen knights of the silver serpent and the tarnished souls of the White Council alliance …

We, the Wakayama Clan have declared a pact with the armies of Lord British and have sworn to uphold the laws of the kingdom. I repeat in part the directives given to us by the representative of Lord British where the list of your combined crimes, which to now have been unpunished have been listed. Please take note that it is our prerogative to seek the rectification of each item listed therein, be by exacting in taxes or blood matters not. Consider the easier method … if in due time you have not made amends financially expect the spilling of the blood of your brethren …

The Crimes of the White Council
These be the points, cause and mischiefs of gathering and assembling of us, the king's loyal servants, which we trust to Almighty God to remedy, with the help and the grace of God and of our sovereign lord the king, and the poor commons of Sosoria, and else we shall die therefore: We, considering that the king our sovereign lord, by the insatiable, covetous, malicious persons that daily and nightly are about his highness, and daily inform him that good is evil and evil is good:
Item. They say that our sovereign is above his laws to his pleasure, and he may make it and break it as he pleases, without any distinction. The contrary is true. (The towns of Wintermoor and Wispwood Shire make their own laws and refute the king as proper lawmaker) For this volition a tax of 2.5 million gold pieces is levied on each township – in addition their “mayors” much swear allegiance to the proper king – Lord British.
Item. They say that the commons of Sosoria would first destroy Lord British’s friends and afterward the remnants of his kingdom, and then bring the Py Lethius to be king so that by their false means and lies they may make him to hate and destroy his friends, and cherish his false traitors. (In the absence of the true King – Py Lethius and the White Council tried to establish themselves as lawmakers and law enforcers of the lands) For this violation Py Lethius himself must ante 1 million gold coins and stand in public for flogging. After this public humiliation he will stand in servitude as a True Brit until he has regained favor.
Item. They take advantage of public transportation and the usage of public facilities and yet do not do any servitude to the kingdom or pay taxes for their usage. (Moongates and banks are used frivolously by the members of the White Council without thought to their financial upkeep). A safe estimate at 10gp per use over the course of the past year – 800k to clear this violation.
Item. The town of Wispwood Shire hosts a weekly tournament of combat. Yet the vassals of Lord British have not seen any taxes generated through smithy and tailor repares, percentages of revenue from the events or any taxes whatsoever. As the violators are both the Shire and a citizen named Hoffs both are charged a penalty of 500k and Hoffs must also hold a public tourney at the Wrong Arena where taxes for the kingdom may be collected.
Item. The town of Wispwood Shire hosts a weekly gathering at their tavern and yet have made no tax payments for the spirits consumed within. While the laws state that there shall be no taxation on food – all spirits carry a tax of 2gp per bottle. Judging by the condition of some attendees for the past year – a fee of 200k will suffice to clear past debt and a fee of 500gp per night for each future Story Night shall be collected.
Item. The White Council guilds are venturing into the Lost Lands without first informing the kingdom or paying the necessary tax. (The Lost Lands are offlimits until a proper method of taxation has been established – for now a permit can be issued upon prior consent). Any White Council member seen in the Lost lands will be escorted out or forcibly removed unless a permit has been issued.
Item. We will that it be known we will not rob, nor plunder, nor steal, but that these defaults be amended, and then we will go home; wherefore we exhort all the king's true liege men to help us, to support us, for whatsoever he be that will not that these defaults be amended. As some of the citizenry has complained as to the behavior of certain White Council members as to plundering the fallen in Luna – an investigation will begin. Opportunistic looting is frowned upon – if a crime has been committed and the foes is dispatched – looting is a right … however to pick the corpse of a fallen where you took no action in his/her dispatch will be punished.

So sayeth the Servants of Lord British.

As Representatives of the absent King we take the above items as our mantle to carry.
Make your decision …

Yasou Wakayama, Shogun Iragael Shabba Wakayama
Wasabi Wakayama Obake Yamamoto

The Shogun looked at the 4th and final parchment – he would have liked to deliver this one himself but he instead called Wing in to deliver the missive … this one had confused those in the room but in the end they had signed and agreed.

Maleeka, the proprietors of Crafters Corner, and other crafters of the lands …

There will be great turmoil in the coming months with our Clan and our allies as we pursue those who have violated the rules established by Lord British. While we shant explain our reasoning behind this partnership with the vacant king – we will say that it is for the benefit of our own Empire and we are certain as business people can relate with this. In this time of warfare we will need perhaps more goods and services then in the past. We are willing to contract certain goods which will give you immunity from any past infraction against the laws of the land. We also request that if you see any violations of the laws you communicate this to us as well and we will ensure justice is served and a reward will be furnished to you.

(Maleeka make sure Gwendar and the other crafters of the lands are made aware of this notice at your next meeting of the Crafters Guild)

To our Mutual success …

Yasou Wakayama, Shogun Iragael Shabba Wakayama
Wasabi Wakayama Obake Yamamoto

The Shogun looked around the room … their four parchments had been sent to be delivered yet something seemed wrong. He looked to his new seer, “Why is it that I am feeling we have more yet to do to prepare?”

Obake nodded, “There are two more parchments that must be delivered … one to Kelmo in Iantown … and one to Aeric Horn of MYTH.”

The five men huddled around the table as the discussed the contents of the next two missives. The Shogun looked at the hourglass … nighttime was still several hours away, they could get these out today as well.

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